Kitten Goes Head Over Heels Down Ladder

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Watch this hilarious video of “Bella” the cat as she tries to carefully make her way down a ladder. Her friend “Kimba” unsuspectingly tries to help her down the ladder, but that didn’t go very well. With friends like these who needs enemies… luckily, even despite taking a heavy tumble Bella was not injured when she fell.


Jim Rawul says:

Ellen Show Brought me here!!

Storm Pickett says:

Cant believe it was on the Ellen Show – AGAIN, she even mimicked the hand gesture the cat used to knock the other cat down :P very very funny!

lilthmugotchi says:

Wow cute that is so what. My cat sassy would do to the kitten if she ever learns how lolzzz kive the vid but only if cats

Gary Simpson says:


Beverly OBrien says:

It’s a shame that some people don’t have the intelligence to watch something cute and comment on it with being nasty and vulgar.

Paul Cooper says:

410 people with no sense of humour


Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Curiosity killed the cat.

del2008boy says:


Jim Rawul says:

i did :P

Sushimaniac96 says:

Does it also come with a free virus?

del2008boy says:

Who else saw this clip on rude tube?

djaywey says:

@wuddnvb yep, i am very lucky to get to know about this site. Listen, i really got shocked when i got paid a check of $300 for reading emails and doing surveys. lol. you can get it from here:

yucacorreia says:

Fuck you bitch…

chosenlink2 says:

That cat deserved it.

djlaxa says:


TheStuck411 says:

Came here after watching the young dog teach the younger puppy how to go down some stairs. Cats are jerks! LOL! I’m laughing tears.

CyberEnd says:

Enjoy the climb back up bitch!

chewbakkazz says:

Just saw this on RedTube

Harry Gibson says:

I am crying lol

Sackboy Tom says:

just saw it on rude tube 2013

WhiskerScot569 says:

Just saw this on Rude Tube ;D

Blaine Seaborn says:

Little bastard

Carl Lewis says:


Stef H says:

kitty likes asshole!

Phil.S Goodman says:

Rude Tube.

Atom Heart says:

The cat: “Look at me, I’m a human! Punch!”

cagnazzo82 says:

I’m picturing Dr. King Schultz saying: “I just couldn’t resist” :) 

keely lundrigan says:


elisabethhelius says:

Lol poor kitty, glad that didn’t get hurt :)

kaydimz says:

Poor Kitty.. Lol


Baha only if cat ok if not :(

Loren Knell says:

Ellen brought me here

wladosu says:

i was watching, so? where’s the proof… sounds like cat fell into the glass store, and broke 1 mega tone of glass into peaces

Adam Rayul says:


esme76106 says:

Cat: This is Sparta!!!

jeddo45 says:

i like how there is no PETA haters here this time around :)

Nikolay Hristov says:

Right side Cat: Hi Honey Come over here and let Pappa hug you.Get The Fuck down Stairs Bitch and Fatch me a Beer!

DaTroof93 says:

I agree

Daniel Contreras says:


wladosu says:

sound isn’t original

athyrmose says:


MSPSpotter says:

No kitty that’s a bad kitty. Eric Cartman reference……

jnplcn says:

Ha ha ha, we’ll there goes one of its lives…

RageFury101 says:

Wtf thats just sooo mean lmao

izzie1216 says:


MrSleepinSloth says:

troll lmao

Malvin Williams says:

i hope he was ok…

ramir332 says:

LOL I’m bored xD

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