Cats Roaming Free In IKEA Store

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This is an amazing video showing an IKEA in Wembley, UK that released 100 cats to roam freely throughout their store. They are celebrating the new IKEA catalogue that will be a feline friendly Cat-alogue, you can watch the finished commercial at Happy Inside – IKEA Cats Advert.


ariel baum says:


pemchem says:

I love the shot of the sphinx cat in the middle of all the lightbulbs. Beautiful.

blueokami says:

So did anyone find Gavin?

功太郎 菅原 says:


alex82980ify says:

The forest Gump employee makes me giggle.

louchoobzisback says:

We brits make epic ads

xxemack says:

I don’t like cats.

BobHelmut says:


Katherine Skolly says:

I love cats.

Katherine Skolly says:

I love cats.


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Claire Bens says:

So calming

Claire Bens says:

I love cats and the song so i came here

bumpohana says:

I love cat.

fufufuaru says:

also, where’s Gavino? ):

fufufuaru says:

i meant beams -__-

fufufuaru says:

should’ve hired dogs. they won’t get on the rafters, at least.

brynnarachelle says:

this is awesome.

RosterDogHD says:


Savanah Mick says:

These people really like white cats…

hayla237 says:

Are they all males

hayla237 says:

Are they all males

Laura Naide says:

That’s what I was wondering!

Laura Naide says:

That’s what I was wondering!

howroute says:

Nice! Check our channel for the Real Cat Artists – All Stars Tribute! Also look for the picture right in middle of that video and try not laugh!

Owersym says:

Chris Brown wtf 0:39

Christina Liu says:

So many ragdoll cats! :) 

Whybehim says:

I know that it was gavin who did the slo mo stuff. That’s his specialty.

Lyndsie Trafton says:

Ikea…you are awesome

WorldWideDiscussions says:

and they found every one?

OneWhiteMoth says:

This is lovely :) and I doubt the cats were that stressed- they had their owners there. Plus the owners know the character of their cats- I know one of my cats would be terrified so I would never do something like is with her, her brother on the other hand would walk in there like he owned the place, he loves new things.

VovoCeina says:

Just loved it!


Gimmie that drunk tank

BurningEggStudios says:

drunk tank

alynnidalar says:


triggahappy426 says:

anyone watch this to see if they can find gavin from Roosterteeth?

TheOptimalmale says:


ZeroSora says:

Gavin at 2:08?

AgentCotton says:

I saw Gavin from slomoguys and roosterteeth…

phoenix7289 says:

Our eyes are similar. ;)

NicestOfTheDamned says:

On the re-read – More than projecting. Deconstruction of cats by me. Not intelligent. Thank you!

Loubee47 says:

Anyone who knows cats knows this is a terrible thing to do to them.

BayviewFinch says:

- You’re projecting your human mind onto cats. Not intelligent.

BayviewFinch says:

- That’s a good thing.

Bernadine71 says:

Did they get all 100 cats back or there was one stuck in that 1000 rocks a day chair?

NicestOfTheDamned says:

I feel the same. I have 14 cats myself. The comments people made were spot on. Sure they were stressed. They covered the area quickly and then got down to establishing a hierarchy .. big cats swatting little . In this case it was about creating order. And, so amazing for 100 cats that were “strangers” Efficient, quick. In their natural state cats don’t do groups. One cat’s territory is large. Yet, they adapt so fast .. the goal being a cat’s civil society. Meow!

stridgicals says:

Great to see the making of this beautiful advert. Watching cats doing what only comes natural to them. I love cats so much. I’ve got 7 cats at home and whenever this advert was on they would sit and watch it. I wish they’d show it on tv again. One of the best and natural adverts ever made. Feel the roar!

Jo Singer says:

This was just amazing. I thought it is brilliant.

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