[amazing cat video] Videos

Check out this amazing cat video. This kitty definitely keeps his eye on the ball and never misses. See if you can keep your eye on the ball!?

Check out this hilarious kitty! This stressed out kitty knows just how to unwind after a long hard day. He gets in his recliner with his massager and blanket and makes a little down time.

Watch this hilarious video of the cat and dog robot cleaning service! These two seem to be at odds over who is going to do all the vacuuming. I guess the cat won the battle in the end!

Check out this amazing cat vs. dog video! It’s going to be a stiff competition, because both of these contestants perform some incredible tricks. Watch and see who you’d vote for as the winner! Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod for the music, incompetech.com.

This is an amazing video showing an IKEA in Wembley, UK that released 100 cats to roam freely throughout their store. They are celebrating the new IKEA catalogue that will be a feline friendly Cat-alogue, you can watch the finished commercial at Happy Inside – IKEA Cats Advert.

Watch this amazing video of “MJ” the cat and his owner riding around the streets of Philadelphia together on his bike. I can’t even get my cat to sit still while I’m taking him for a car ride…  so this seems pretty incredible!