Cat & Dog Robot Cleaning Service

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Watch this hilarious video of the cat and dog robot cleaning service! These two seem to be at odds over who is going to do all the vacuuming. I guess the cat won the battle in the end!


tryhardgangsters says:

this is why i got my self a cat….

Xelaration RoboticApp says:

If you are interested in a Roomba control app that can be used from any browser, any device and any platform, visit the RoboticApp website and check out RoboControl.

Rx720Bturbo says:

完全にベースジャバーww 犬よく怒らないなw

rheaj515 says:

Too cute!!!!

TheNatalie123xxx says:

I love the background chatter

Chriscreature says:

Fucking tight!!!

alexey kazak says:

you real think it’s funny? stupid!!

guitarnublet says:

Who calls their freaking cat Max-Arthur? :S

peacocklover27 says:

So cute!!! Thanks for sharing!

Anthony Owens says:

that dog is a bitch, letn that pussy smack him around like that haha.. and WHY do they have that stupid ass sweater on that damn dog -_-

leatherface5606 says:


leatherface5606 says:

be careful what you say cuz curiosity killed the cat and find this hiddin messsage in this word


earthless1990 says:

bastard cat xD

Sakchai Siripanyawuth says:

one day that dog is going to eat that cat

Thomas Brinkley says:

i think the cat mistakenly believes the dog is approaching it because it believes itself to be sitting still

cinnastax91 says:

I shall thrash thou lowly dog from my chariot!! 

taylahhh90 says:

haha :)

MayweatherTop1 says:

i hope the cunt who owns the dog didnt clip it ears

Grisette D'Fonsi says:

‘♥ Amo tu gato!! es lo mas bello…Los conocí a ambos en el programa de ” ABC felino” son adorables Aww¡

Ka2301 says:

Bitch. I am the King in this house!

Chasity Spitznogle says:

WTF do you feed that cat? Lmfao. That’s awesome!

Denise Siscoe says:

Omg that is hilarious! The cat is totally digging the ride!

kurreogalbin says:

Haha, funny! :)

bffe3forever says:

Please before you write such a dumb comment just go and visit a grammar course, yes? -__-

wowthatreallysucks says:

I prefer dogs,cats are pretty chill too though, that´s what you idiots arguing could have said aswell

AdrianoCROST says:

“Since you once “smashed” a “stupid” cat, I’m hoping same for you….”

Since i smashed cat accidentaly because of CAT stupidity you are hoping that car will smash me ? Wow, you are really retarded.

Yes i forget, i haved cat once and guess what ? Car hit her too. Guess why ???

You can say whatever you want but cats are very stupid.

AdrianoCROST says:

dumbass yes even ducks know that.

“yet this person thinks animals are capable of rationality like that? ” Only stupid people thinks that animals are stupid.

I will not talking too you because your IQ is too low.

john darby says:

Hey dumbard, I’m just against “Stupid” people like you. Since you once “smashed” a “stupid” cat, I’m hoping same for you….

maxaru says:

The mobile oppression fortress is coming along nicely.

Moneycaller35 says:

Poor pitbull. Never saw what’s coming.

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