Preppy Cat Music Video By N2 The Talking Cat

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Watch N2 the Talking Cat in his much anticipated “Preppy Cat” music video. Check it out… as he shows us his dance moves in this funny cat video! Visit N2′s official site at


NyakoleCupkakes10 says:

k thank gewdness cuz the resemblance id uncanny = – =

dianethreatt29dt says:

So cute

youbetyy says:

Wow.our cat won’t let us dress him at all.Even if the clothes are fancy.

VersaBC says:

I did a REGGAE version on the album as well

VersaBC says:

me 2; )

Daniellefid says:

lol love this cat

luz garcia says:

Can u make a remix preppy song u made I love it

unrooolie says:

ok thanks i saw that video i laughed so much when n2 was dancing in his tux

VersaBC says:


VersaBC says:


joeypandabob1 says:


SmudgeRory says:

I kinda learnt all the words (I’ve watched this hundreds of times) >:D

sierra sky says:

meow hahahahaha

VersaBC says:

I’ve already made it, it’s S3 Ep2 just came out, but the “Official Music Video” will be the next video released. Hopefully I can finish it soon

unrooolie says:

when are you making the oppa preppy kitty song?

VersaBC says:

: )

VersaBC says:

that’s a good thing

VersaBC says:

uh…… uh…… uh….. yeah

VersaBC says:


alaina peacock says:

lol so awesome

ShinBMinecraft says:

how many times do you bleed while making these videos?

I bet if i looked at your arms, it would look like cloth.

maddie farris says:

this was so funny i was in tears!!!!!

penguinpiebizzle says:

lololololololol lol

VersaBC says:

why thank you

VersaBC says:

Totally Awesome, YEP!

zDatWubbableDogz says:


Aaron Wojciechowski says:

This is amsome a cat that can sing. Even my baby female kitten loves this N2 cat. No joke she loves N2

(Maybe she wants ro be hus groupie, lol) (she edoes look at him with aww)

cecec68 says:

I love you n2

825emm says:

gooooo N2 you are the best and so freaking cute i hope you are doing great love you so much <3<3

Dawn Davidson says:

2 u so lol hahahahahahahahahahaha preppy prep preppy cat SO PREPPY N2 SELYVESTER

VersaBC says:


joey kais says:

soooo funny!

FireSourcereress246 says:


You’re Welcome for me putting this up to show one of the cutest and funniest things on youtube in youtube history.

VersaBC says:

oh yeah, very cool indeed

CrAzYoverWOOZWORLD says:

Lol, Only sometimes, not always but it’s kinda funny cause then I thin out n2 and Kona…Sh–… :I Heh, moving on from here I guess.

deathbycoolness says:


VersaBC says:

that is 2 funny, lol

CrAzYoverWOOZWORLD says:

I play it but not much cuz man, you like need to be a member just to put most clothes on!

CrAzYoverWOOZWORLD says:

Hey, Versa,for some reason my one teacher has Kona’s voice XD (I didn’t have a chance to tell you cuz I’m not able to go on that computer much anymore)

VersaBC says:

yep, mine 2

VersaBC says:

thank you: ) 

VersaBC says:

what a cool name, NITRO!

rebeccasblurbs says:

I love your videos. I can watch them all day. My cat, Nitro, looks exactly like N2 so it makes it even better. But I love Kona too. Awesome vids :-)

LionElectric says:

cute cats

Lenpsproductions says:

OMG! New favorite song!

Metroidzim says:

thankx for replyin i love n2 and kona thanks sooo much im a HUGE fan! =)

VersaBC says:


VersaBC says:

: ) 

annie stricklin says:

i like n2 and sylvester :)

Metroidzim says:

auto tune yep yep im so preppy!

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