Amazing Tricks In This Cat vs Dog Video

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Check out this amazing cat vs. dog video! It’s going to be a stiff competition, because both of these contestants perform some incredible tricks. Watch and see who you’d vote for as the winner! Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod for the music,


Afcleone says:

cat, because the dog is easier to train compared to the cat!
sorry for my english ;)

TheKaran2993 says:

I can’t believe u could actually train a cat to do all that stuff!.. Amazing!

Eric Chong says:

both of them are winners!

Delibird59 says:


something8mydck says:

the cat actually wins.the bordercollie is the smartess dog, they learn easily, while getting a cat to do tricks is boss

beastybros9800 says:


MacPherson100000 says:

Everybody who watches this wonderful video WINS!!!! You see, I’ve had 3 KITTIES (2 Muffin and Pumpkin, also did tricks kitties and an UNFORGETTABLE BORDER COLLIE Fluffy, who was simply the EINSTEIN of DOGS!!!) and they’re all so WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for posting this fun, uplifting and INCREDIBLE VIDEO!!!

Elizabeth Neely says:

That was AMAZING!!!! Incredible! I’m so glad I watched this. I was looking for some cools tricks to teach my cat and dog and I came across your video. Wow! I thought my dog was badass because he can roll over! Lol.

cageybee777 says:

amazing animals win!

shipuddenshaq says:


Monicas Serra says:


Sabrina Flores says:

i said they both win

ELeCtR0LOveR says:

Your pet training skills are phenomenal. If this isint included in your current profession you could defiantly succeed!

invaderjeffy says:

Nana has much more enthusiasm, but Kaiser was able to do almost everything she could. You have some very talented pets, and they should both win!

AmberJFMeZoo says:

My first thought was cat, since teaching cats tricks borders on impossible for me, but yeah, the owner is the true winner to have such wonderfully loyal and smart pets.

deletetheoldnamesffs says:

It’s much harder for you to teach this to a cat and for the cat to learn so Kaiser wins imo.

deletetheoldnamesffs says:

Omg that is one beautiful cat you have there.

theanimalsonly says:

wow! teaching a dog tricks ok but a cat?!?!?!? how?????

kittycatbengel says:

Cat should win!

kittycatbengel says:

I have a Bengal called Chichi x

fionafisher1 says:

Come on cat beat Nana!


well both are good but i would have to say the cat because teaching a dog something is much easier than a cat :P

Brookie Wolf says:

Nana and Kaiser both are winners, they are both very talented and have spirit!
Congratulations to both pets! :)

bety bn says:

Kitty! :) winner

TheDogBreeds says:

im really impresed with the animals tricks. I think the dog should win but the cat did really good to.

theawesomechannel27 says:

The cat wins! He’s very talented. I mean my cats just sit around… that was very well done. Both id a great job… but I vote for the cat!

LavaboltStar says:


CAT SCORE: 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


(dog was awesome to though :3)

but as we all agree, owner is the real winner. congrats, owner, you won best trickser award.

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