Cat and Dog Video

Watch this struggle of a cute kitten who takes on this very large doberman! That big set of teeth look pretty scary… but it doesn’t stop this tiny fearless kitten.

Amazing boxing match between this Shepherd and Siamese cat. Watch to see who’ll win in this final mismatched weight class round… LOL!!

Watch this hilarious video of the cat and dog robot cleaning service! These two seem to be at odds over who is going to do all the vacuuming. I guess the cat won the battle in the end!

Check out this amazing cat vs. dog video! It’s going to be a stiff competition, because both of these contestants perform some incredible tricks. Watch and see who you’d vote for as the winner! Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod for the music,

Watch this hilarious cat and dog video montage. These are some of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen, check it out for yourself! Enjoy :)