Tiny Kitten vs Massive Doberman

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Watch this struggle of a cute kitten who takes on this very large doberman! That big set of teeth look pretty scary… but it doesn’t stop this tiny fearless kitten.


annaleah87 says:

Cant u just keep pancake? Would be nice to see him and sugar tree’s relationship evolve over time.

tashawight says:

The cats all like I got you now! And the dogs like oh yeah? Attack from above! Haha. Good doggie. Ps to you people freaking out.. the dog is more then being gentle. Turn the volume up.. neither make a single sound the entire time. The cat would of freaked out.. and the owner to for that matter. Some dogs.. a dobbie especially like to PLAY ALL THE TIME. They have a lot of energy. So chill. The cat is in good hands

crazyhotredhead says:

I’ll bite your legs off! Come back here, you coward!

kaylynmarie38 says:

Oh my God, you people are stupid. Had this been a fucking chihuahua and that kitten, you wouldn’t be saying anything. The Doberman never put pressure on the cat, otherwise the cat would have made a noise or shown signs of pain. Also, the dog was not being aggressive, as it was not growling and it was laying down half the time. So chill the fuck out.

maikoka1 says:

And they say all dobermans are retarded and aggressive.
It’s just their owners that can’t raise their puppies properly :D

Starbuckfsd says:

Really?? No shit Sherlock….settle down wanker….the dog didn’t bite and the kitten didn’t die…..

宝くじ当選しました 当選金をお譲りします says:


gioma71 says:

Oh my, i m sweating!

bestamerica says:

awww i love both pets,,,
big mouth dog and little mouth kitten, ha ha funny pets

solitarydot says:

Calm down, tubby. 

Shuma123131 says:

If that fucking dog bit that poor kitten it could have died

namiahsdtojsjdkejjsw says:


Gina Moran says:

YOU SEE! It’s all in the owner.

Rafapt says:

how many Kitten have you used?

Towelie1970 says:

This Kitten has big balls

Samantha Nicola says:

Ohh your dog is so gentle with Pancake <3 It’s amazing. Great example to show people when they say that cats and dogs don’t mix. Or anything about Dobermanns really. :p

tfsb999 says:

Eu tenho uma vaca chamado Jairo.

ryan hornibrook says:

thats the dog iv got but shes is big very big 40 inches in hight 30inch in length and 20inche a cross thats got to be a record

motorcity555 says:

Re dog!

TheNashwah says:

thats cute

jkkjjk45 says:

aww.. they r like play pals!

carternm31 says:

Wow what amazing camera quality!!

TzlolaXD2011 says:

The Dog can kill him with a single bite…He just dont want to :) Now thats beautiful!

schnook11 says:

This is really sweet. It shows a mature dog who understands play, and allows this tiny kitten to test its chops a little. Kittens like to play, and play-fighting is part of that. Hell!–I “rassled” with my Pop when I was a kid. Neither animal shows animosity; it’s obvious to anyone who’s ever had pets that this is friendly play, and it’s really nice to see such well-behaved, tolerant pets. Also–nice light quality!

Luan Miranda says:

I gotcha doggy puppy


brunoaps133 says:

Amizade mais sincera! Supera a de muitos humanos por ai !

Luis Augusto says:

linda amizade entre um cão e um gato

Julio Bauer says:

Wonderful how the doberman even being so much bigger doesnt hurt the kitten

GustavoRaldi says:

I went directly to the end to see the dog biting the kitty…

Andre Stelle says:


malver10 says:

This is the twin of my cat, amazing!

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