Step-By-Step Guide To Cat Introductions

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Check out this funny step-by-step guide to introducing your new kitten to your existing cat. This 12-step program is not guaranteed and results may vary! Music is Shogun from iMovie 11.


David Medina says:

Are they both males?

Tina Ha says:

So adorable!

JulyArises says:

how can people dislike this :O Anyhow, me and my gf is getting another cat around the summer, hopefully it will go smoothly! :D

thelordbubbles says:

my younger cat is 9 months now and just follows my older cat arround haha she had to get used t to him cause hew still just lies all over her

sssyyydddney says:

I had hoped for this.. but 8 months later, my older one still hates the new one… I am disappointed….. You’re very lucky…

lindsey Babe says:

skip to 1:03 to see little one get a BIG BLACK surprise. lmao!

MaidaxxxG says:

that is MAYOR cuteness. I have to go hug my cat n.n

astypalee says:

exactly the same story with my cat and our new kitten. now they reign together over us litlle humans. ;)

leejc13 says:

you hit the jackpot with these two.

MinnowStar says:

When I introduced my kitten to my cats, my kitten was trying to pounce all over ‘em. >__>

hanona osman says:


darkjb48 says:

omg that is freakin adorable as hell !!!!!

emsteffi says:

This is how introducing my cats went:
Day 1:
Resident cat: *HISS!* “SPAWN OF SATAN!! I HATE THEE!”
New cat: “That’s cool, bra. Hey, you got any weed, bra?”

Kay Thxbye says:

If I give them both some catnip will they chill out? LOL

nina tiny says:

OMG the black cat looks just like mine

nina tiny says:

Hmm how did i get here all the way from gangnam style in an hour

8GRIS8 says:

You are a kind person. That’s why your cats are adorable. Your Love, kindness, and your patience are the key. ;)

metallismutz says:

Best video on youtube.

Judson Bonneville says:

This is SOOO worth subscribing to… :P 

mikugirl1565 says:

Cute but I also have a kitten and a adult cat but it’s kind of the other way around my kitten attacks the adult ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Sodeyama Masayo says:

Love it, Love it, Love it!

TotalFreakZoid says:

Kodi is a guy, Shorty is a girl.

blakdust3 says:

1:38 lol :D so cute

sumadomi says:

If both are males when the kitten grows up they gonna demolish your house with his fights

animebellatrixz says:

wow funny with the words

warriorcats20 says:

If yiou have a older cat and get a kitten, eventualy the older cat sees that he/she is responsible for the younger kitten and will start to care for the younger one, unless they are a phycho :P

rennt bambi says:

Level 5′s Kodis surprise !!:)

YouMindfreak says:

“let the little one be reminded whos the boss” *sees a pic of a cat laying over a cat* made my day :) :D

drinksmokelie says:

Some cats just don’t like other specific cats. Could be you put them together too quickly. Better to separate them by putting the new cat in his own space for as long as it takes him to adjust. Could take a month or more, usually a few days. Introduce each of them to the other’s smell, share bedding, toys, even used litter. Feed them together with a door between them, then open the door. Lots of tricks.

Cammie Smith says:

I love the…”or not” part

ZeriaChan says:

I have an ex-stray who is younger than my current cat. She is afraid of him and growls whenever he gets close to her. He just wants to be friendly, plus he’s a very mellow cat. How can I show her that she can trust him? They’ve been around each other for about 2 weeks, hardly any improvement.

MrDommo09 says:

I like your selection of music in all your videos.

BigHair80s2 says:


Sandra Pérez Adame says:

que pequeñito kodi^^.el pobre cuando llego a su nuevo hogar jeje.todo el rato bufando ,que encantan los 2.shorty se parece muchisimo a mi gata tiana.besos de Sandra de Sevilla;).me encanto el video

Lauram1601 says:

2:38 so cute it’s like they have been friends forever :)

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