Cat Wrapped Up Like A Christmas Present

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This video is hilarious! I don’t think that my kitties would sit still long enough to let me wrap them up like a Christmas present… let alone put a bow on top of their heads, LOL!


Vichylove says:

This cat reminds me of a cat we had when I was little. He alsow had the most patient! I could put him in my dolls clotes and drive him around in a wagon like a baby. and he would let me do it for a good half an hour before just getting up and hide til he felt he could stad me again… xD

pinktails6 says:

righttt….because you can totally fake this video

Katelyn Shah says:

There’s no need to be so rude. You shut your freaking face.

Alina Star says:

I was kidding. If I really ment it my comment would have been a whole lot longer. But you didn’t know that because you don’t know me.

MrOstrich202 says:


floatingindreams says:

The cat’s old and nice. 

giratinax1000 says:

this is obviously fake.

TheLostLenore says:

I have one cat who MIGHT let me wrap her up half way before wanting to run away in shock and horror that her human is doing strange things to her but my other one…I think I will end up being clawed to death just because of my stupidity in thinking I could wrap her up. XD

But yes, this was totally adorable.

loukellyful says:

hahah love the “save the paper”

JeanneTheKCfan says:

Aww that was cute :D

juriririn says:

How to wrap a cat was found( ´ ▽ ` )ノAnd think,she is a wise cat!

Micheleap1000 says:


TheDayGamers says:

1:20 – Cat’s thinking: My dignity has officially gone. I would so love to get a cat for christmas.

Moraveck10 says:

LOL that was TOOO cute! Thanks for sharing.

maiakdbjejekohanbgee says:


mikimomo97 says:

I want a Flippy for Christmas :D

ToBaGo PT says:


amandabass04 says:

lol too funny..loved it..the cat was very cooperative…love to cuddle him

Lollipopgirl2304 says:

That cat is amazing! My cat would kill me, if i tried that…

LilLoca100 says:

What a good cat!

Dragdamar says:

He just forgotted the safe word.

Loy Chai Ee says:


ZeldeeneeWeenee says:

What a tolerant kitty!

SneeuwWitjee says:

If i would try that with my cat, he would probably end up wrapping me up.

70swunderkind says:

That has to be the most patient cat EVER!

95stangdude says:

I want that cat

ChiefsFan581 says:


Gigajie2 says:

lol not one single fuck was given

MSpokamaster says:

The wrapping was purrfect :3

keenoled says:

This video will never stop being awesome.

Luke Farmer says:

Yuirr why do U make a big problem out of nothing? is it some kind of addiction with U because that cat look’s not very scared at all. Also please don’t show your racist because you’ll probably regret it. It’s really rude man. Think about other people’s feelings when you say that.

yuirrr says:

Seriously, go screw yourself.
Learn how to have respect with people that only want to protect animals.
And yes, that cat is happy. Just muslims are happy to be abused by american soldiers everyday.


I am all against animal abuse but this isn’t abuse. The cat is happy and surely that is what is most important. If you watch any other FlippyCat videos you can see that this was a VERY well treated cat. I am not even going to bother replying to you anymore but I am sure other will agree.

yuirrr says:

Haha, you make apology for animal abuse and I need help?
Seriously, get a life and stop hatting on who is trying to protect the pets.
And you’re a terrorist.


So I’m a terrorist now? You need help man. Seriously.

xaylus says:

fuck off 

yuirrr says:

Yes, like a rape victim builds a bond with his rapist.
If you can’t fight abuse, you have to accept it.
It’s clear the cat doesn’t like it. Stop being such a terrorist.


By the way you are gonna get a lot of shit about insulting muslims.

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