Maru And The Big Box

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Everybody loves Maru the cat, and his his latest video is absolutely hilarious! I love his determination to get inside this big box and his exit form… well let’s just say the judges would give him a solid 10!!


Angeline7901 says:


Josh McEvoy says:

This is October 19th

TheCat02081 says:

I love you Maru

papa0sora0riku says:


Dlark17 says:

Gosh, I don’t remember which video of theirs talked about this. If YouTube told me the exact date of my post, I could try and sync them up. All I know is that I found my love for this cat from an episode on the Game Grumps channel.

Dallas Beth says:

whats the video called

badbloodH says:

Dude I just got here from game grumps and I lost my shit and now I wanna get cat. :3

DonYagamoth says:

Why the hell…. Is this so entertaining?… I’m not usually on that cuty-cuty-trip, but I guess there are exceptions oô

mdr48371 says:

I’m in the box!

Erica Johnson says:

I am a HUUUUUUGE fan of Maru:) So so cool kitty!!!

Plixcel says:

Yeah it’s not like any other countries record their cats doing funny things or anything.

MrDbrennen says:

Not much to do in Japan then

Arthur Rasmusson says:

Maru jumping out of the box is halarious

Sttraannikk says:

Смешной у вас кот)) И очень забавный!!)

PlanePantsJacket182 says:

Simon’s Cat?

i95927 says:

Please send back in English.I can’t understand.

mazafuckahacker says:

Как же вы заебали в комментах под любой видеозаписьюкартинкойчужой страничкой в тырнетах писать “Кто с пикабу ставь лайк, пикабушник ставь лайк” У вас что, блять, от этих лайков хуй вырастит и пизда уже станет?

kingj282 says:

cat Olympics… nuff said

Радмир Галиев says:

Ставьте лайк, кто с пикабу

Дмитрий Провоторов says:

несщадно пизданутое создание которое лишилось чердака еще при рождении

TheIgorice says:

Пикабуши здрасти :3

GameOneee says:

ловушка для котов работает отлично!

ElandaCappuchinoow says:

пикабушник уже тут.

Kumidzeke says:

привет пикабу)

Danish Reindeer Rudolph says:

и тебе привет….:D

Rizzit98 says:


Lindsay Jerwick says:

i love this cat!!!!!!! meow :D xD

MittenLover74 says:

hahaha sooo cute

HitchcockHeroine says:


sedgeflower says:

I want to know how the owner keeps from laughing while filming these videos!

KIYOOU says:

Anyone who likes british shorhair kitty? Look at my videos : )

krasnajasna says:

hahahaha so hillarious!

arithilemn says:

=wb0WiV_TyV8& toddler reacts to maru

arithilemn says:

v=wb0WiV_TyV8&  toddler reacts to maru

Knechtseinsohn says:

Maru is soooo amazing :)

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