The Best Of Maru 2010

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We love Maru the cat… and this video compilation reminds us just why we do! This is some of the best Maru videos of 2010, watch and enjoy!


TheDayGamers says:

0:10 to 0:19 I’m currently awaiting the CD ;) .HE PURS!! :)

ikkeiet says:

im sooooo in love

Fabian Stallwitz says:

1:05 the best scene ever :D :D

montaneejo says:

At 2.00 up. Maru The Stalker!!!!  RMOF

ninshen25 says:

Those 218 dislikers will sadly never, ever,be happy :-(

Maru rules!!!

KarinaMKarlsson says:

The most beautiful and smart cat in the world. I love Maru!! ^_._^

aerhhjgfkg says:

how is this cat so awesome :o

Xo14Steph14Xo says:

At 1:04 I had to stop the video cause I started laughing so hard!

Hoang Hanh Phan says:

what a cuteeeee cat! I just want to jump into the screen and hug him so badly

1KidsNation1 says:

0:45 “Help?” =/

Jeff Missinne says:

Walt Disney said, “Put a kitten on a kitchen floor with a ball of yarn, then just sit back and watch. That kitten will come up with more cute ideas in five minutes than a ‘gag man’ will in a lifetime.”

moshpitmonsta says:

1:28 is in a totally comfy position and 2:15 is epic face palm… Maybe maru is having a hangover??…

kajikaji19801219 says:

私は3.11 東日本大震災の復興支援活動に従事しておりました。

jenniferchamudis says:

1:28 soo adorable!!!!! :-) 

tatonkaa says:

wait is maru the ninja cat?????????????

Arathonn1 says:

i like this cat

Anie6233 says:

Looool I Died Laughing when Maru fell from the bunny bag

newmasterofbation says:

a very nice house for a japanese

Ольга Юлчиева says:

Большое спасибо за прекрасные ролики! Мару, этот СУПЕР-кот, для меня стал лучшим лекарством, от которого не бывает ни аллергии, ни побочных эффектов. Только позитив и отличное настроение! Вы очень добрые люди! Еще раз спасибо, что поделились таким чудом!!!

Tanaya Barrett says:

my cat always makes out with my hand

aXeS wY says:

1:24 XD hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

EddieEmu says:

You have a great cat!!!

PM66life says:

…always a good pick-me-up!
Thanks Maru!!!! :) 

Lou Pilleri says:


rila says:

217 died from an overdose of cuteness. :D

megameow321 says:


Erica Johnson says:

This is my favorite video of Maru.

koolkat2701 says:

i died laughing when he jumped out of the box

tweak114 says:

0:51 kitty cat speed bag

Wileecoy05 says:

2:10 – reminds me of puss in boots.

GamerTV12022 says:

and he/she looks soooo fluffy!

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