Crazy Cats Video Compilation

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Watch this crazy cat video compilation, these are some of the best cat videos you’ll ever see. This will definitely make you laugh, check it out and enjoy!  :)


mike noyb says:

holy shit…best cat vid ive seen!

Bluefur121 says:

Oh no, Maru is in a whole other class from these losers. He should always have his own video. A cat whole opens it’s mouth, big wup. A cat that walks on 2 legs with an arched back, ya, it’s scared of u, quite pesterizing it. Maru is a cat who likes boxes, he’s just plan funny.

thunsberger89 says:

what did you do to that cat?

thunsberger89 says:


NostalgiaMemoria says:

3:51 Pedobear out of this corp

gianlucabizzi75 says:

Ma cosa fa o cosa ha visto l’ultimo gatto?????? AHAHAGAHAHAGAH mi fa morire….qualcuno mi sa rispondere??

floppygas says:

Lol :)

jackie frank says:

this is very funny like i never knew cats could do that!!!

yourfunnypets says:


fizzy0918 says:

They were all sooo funny but I like 0:17!!

MinecraftMultiThe says:

2:30 <3

Angela Bassil says:

yeah sandy hit florida but it was just rain and little wind…. i was expecting more. lol i thought it would be big becuase everyone i knew was like HURRICANE

Elena Zed says:


Elena Zed says:

che coglioni sti gatti xD

JelcaNL says:

3:15 yeah i’m king in here

DjLainez says:

jajjaja el segundo como mola

Daniela Soares says:

3:55 Let me lick that ass!

pantera25679 says:

Прикольная кошка на канале pantera25679

ozimagic1 says:

Thumbs up if you think something is wrong with the box cat.

CoolGirlSmashing says:

My favorites are 0:10, 3:36, and 5:12….those cats are funny!!!

mAnH4n2k12 says:

2:00 nyan nyan nyan!!!!!

MurcuryReal says:

5:22 cat: OMG!!!!!!

krunan na says:

ขอสักตัวดิ 55

ToXicWapp says:

3:37 this cat must of wached scar face and saw how to pick up girls

Meeker1603 says:

3:35 That cat is just trying to entice me with promises of sexual favors. It feels so dirty.

IronPicaxeCraft1000 says:

2:28! One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen! And 5:17!

maxfilm19 says:


erdetsch says:

seriously made me laugh I’m so not kidding it was so darn funny watching it you’ll still laugh that was so funny oh my god that was funny

Андрей Сбитин says:

На 53 секунде, у кота реальный сушняк на морде нарисован)))

gothicgoldy says:

lol the last cat LOL :D 

tterry1164 says:

So cute and funny :) 

coralmeredith says:

the one that keeps jumping into things made the laugh so hard i cried. however, the cat with the tongue and the jaw thing….are u sure he doesn’t have a jaw problem?

Astharot90 says:

3:40 fucking creeping

mimstyle says:


JacksonFreebe says:

when cats do gangnam style

kassandragranado98 says:


Pommes54321 says:

2:00 best cat EVER :D <3

Andrew Frye says:

I like the cat that gets stuck in boxes. Lol!!

barsucioker says:


Adaleigh10 says:

I lso like that tounge cat!lolol

Adaleigh10 says:

I love the cat that likes getting stuck in boxes and bags!lol

ConArtistNJ says:


szaboi86 says:

finally a video collection with no damn shit music, and with the original sounds!! thank you

logan clarke says:

very very epic funny

bohdandr says:

So funny Cats)

LutheranChica says:

What a waste of water! Haha

Иван Чебуняев says:

Прикольныё, балдёжные котэ!!!)))0

TheCavemanGreg says:

The second cat needs fucking wheelie bars!!!

kat18ize says:

what a asshole who will scare that cat and put on here but other wise its funny but abuse

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