Get Your Questions Answered By Jupiter The Talking Cat

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Listen to Jupiter, the talking cat, answer some of the many questions you may have about cats and their many secrets. Watch and see… I think the answers may surprise you!!


brittanyf98 says:

lmfao i was dying laughing all the way through and the end came and i almost died because i laughed so much xD

psychodelicide says:

I <3 Jupiter!

YourMinecraftGirl says:

hey jupiter, can u really

Mohua Mouli says:

My cat’s a fan of yours, and he wants to be just like you, but I hate you, what should I do? :D

SonicShadowSilver098 says:

Juppy* :P

SonicShadowSilver098 says:

Oh my God Juippy!!!! LOL!!

shadow the hedgehog says:

i have a dog that was raised by cats and my dog bothers me sometimes.what should i do?and how should i talk to my dog when she bothers me? please answer.

Rory Prem says:

Jupiter my cats are really loud do you have any idea why?

Jakeafinity says:

Hi Jupiter what’s your best ways of sneaking on overs? Please reply

MaeAndAddyShow123 says:

hi Jupiter what is your lest fave song?

JoJo Rach says:

hi jupiter what is your favorite toy

TheRazerProductions says:

Hi Jup,how many cat nip do u eat per day???

Abby Stegehuis says:

Jupiter, What is your favorite song?

onlycookiesforme says:

We will never know why cats go crazy at 10

8mmoore1 says:

OMG, can my cats come to see him too?. would Jupiter like a playday?, they act so much alike, not completely but very similar, so would Jup say high to Lil Bit, and GiGi. Michele

Pepper9873 says:


leavetome says:

holy crap

Pepper9873 says:

Or it was uploaded 2 years ago…

XPZKModz says:

It’s fake, the uploader gets videos from others than edits his voice in

Legojb111111 says:

Hey Jupiter what’s you favoret bond movie

DizzyJeny82 says:

I just thought about a knew song 99 bags of catnip on the wall 99 bags of catnip take one down and pour on the ground, 98 bags of nip on the wall…lol

puppy galos says:

hello,jupiter how did you know how to speak? because avcourse it’s impossible that a cat is talking

Cocokitten190 says:

Hi Jupiter, What is your fav. type of cat food?

urworstnightmare9111 says:

Hehe that looks like my cat :3

nyanpopstar says:


kylee styles says:

How long do you usually sleep in a day?

leavetome says:

This guy lives in Australia, This video was Uploaded tomorrow

0chocofreak0 says:

no really…! duh

Emma Heald says:

2:25 XD

finn whelan says:

Jupiter is awesome!!
99 bags of catnip on the wall
99 bags of………..CATNIP!!!

kentlandzintoba says:


bubbles360360 says:

lol at the end *stuff crashes* “Oh my god Jupie!!” XD

Noah Davenport says:

What’s your favorite food rather than fish :)

Xandcraft mc says:

too long for my taste, I prefer cats performing as cats like cats that have kitties and little cats and big cats and little cats and big cats and little cats and kittals yeallll

Xandcraft mc says:

lol the begining was a little slow for my humor but then it got kinda funnier and I gotta say its just a harmless cute video so kudos.

Xandcraft mc says:

I sing sexy things to myself when im dancing

Elizabeth Siciliano says:

do you like fish?

puppy123481 says:

jupiter do you ever play music

hungergamesboss7777 says:

u are sooo fucken funny

laurnias1213 says:


isaiah Winfree says:


samilasurfer says:

ok the 10 o’clock thingy got me :/

SDProductionsTM says:

My cat is confused.

Leanna Zemke says:

What is you favorite food

videoluvr4204 says:

dis be pretty funnay

missamybabez1 says:

Lol! He is so cute I would let him get away with anything :) if he does something wrong you just can’t tell him of when you look at his face!

Haeliocade says:

Subtle Red Dwarf reference slayed me.

frankaustin19741 says:

My cat always eats food in the corner why does she do that?

Joe Carrera says:

what is a cats most favorite food other than cat food,catnip, and tuna?

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