Jupiter The Talking Cat Gives His Confession

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Jupiter the talking cat gives his confession… did Jupiter or Kona eat the fish? Watch this hilarious video and find out just who did it?


OoSKRE3KERoO says:


sometimeslegos says:

Told ya he ate em

n43d says:

Our cat likes The Prisoner too.

molly niekamp says:

Did you poop in my shoe? Yuuuup

Chris Griffin says:

Kona is a kung fu genius secretly.

Gabby Danika says:

Lol the ironic part is my cat just ppd in my shoe and yesterday he ate my fish Bob!!! Lol is that ironic? Or is that not the right word? Idk bai!!!!! :)

Gabby Danika says:

U know whats funny? Really? Oh… Me neither!! XD

jakk4u says:

you know, i kinda had a last hope for mankind thing going on before i read the comments…. buuuuuut i think we can all agree that that idea was quite naive.

doglovervt99 says:

yeah :P sorry i kind of thought you were seriously that stupid for a sec

SeriousJB says:

i tried to trick him dude… dont you know what a troll is? :D

Ryan Mc Dermott says:

did ya look in your shoe dis morning its noy chocolate ya know LOL:D

doglovervt99 says:

no its edited so that the humans voice matches up with their meowing. Animals obviously cant talk

SeriousJB says:

theyre really talking i just messaged the people who uploaded this video and they said its real

MrComaskid says:

Owner: Did you poop in my shoe?

Jupiter: Yeap :P

Manuel Mejia says:

Did Jupiter poop in the shoe? Find out. Right now!
Person: did you poop in my shoe?
Jupiter: yeahhh!

O Smith says:

me too

TheMegaamber says:

i bet they can really talk but we can’t understand it

jaren taylor says:

I think he should have no treats for a week

Crawlerz2468 says:

yes, dude he’s the only talking cat in the damn history of time.

sam cote says:

r u a guy or a girl? cause the other cat said “what is SHE talking about” in the previous video.

littlerosewood says:

“I don’t think he should have treats for a week.” “You shut up.” *SMACK* XD

wasabiluver says:

OMG, I couldn’t be that dumb if I tried.

Monserrath Juarez says:

did u poop in my shoe? yup!

catzcool2323 says:

Same here, although I do know that Jupiter’s owner can usually get him to ‘say’ stuff on cue… It’s still amazing though, with how perfect the timing is.

Dominador Cacho says:

Intenese Drama

xphoenix1234x says:

what i would like to know is how its always on cue

biohazardmonkeys says:

the video is private

cisco1138 says:

Lol that cat is so funny

erick crabtree says:

awesome videos

captiancupquake says:

Alright who pooped in my shoe?!?!?

icametorock1 says:

no start to a thrilling new trilogy. jupiter admitted to the poo poo.

MrCexy76 says:

Do they relly talk or you talking for the cats

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