How Does Catnip Affect Cats

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This video explains how catnip affects cats. The herb in catnip is called nepetalactone, a special type of essential oil found on the leaves and stem. If sniffed by your cat, then several things can happen… watch the video to find out!


paulobrawss says:


superawsome404 says:

is he getting poisoned 1:13

ilikefood643 says:


ilikefood643 says:

cocaine for cats ^-~

kevin manube says:

cat gets high lol

ducktapegirl129 says:

OMG!!!! So many CUTE CATS!!!!! :3

Dramawitsvu17 says:

people give cat catnip NO Problem!!! But won’t let me have marijuana! jealous!!!

dagharr2 says:

what documentary is this from?

charisma .s says:


channiestrauss says:

cats on drugs….

tjmaxwell21 says:

my cat won’t let me take away his catnip lol!

asbadastv says:

catnip basically affects cats like alcohol affects chicks in clubs

Dumkoednub says:

1:09 this nigga had enough

Swinger2006 says:

Just imagine getting a cat high on catnip and then pointing a laser on the ground!

TheKINGTATE23 says:


TragicallyWired says:


freedomtoclick says:

I kinda whant to smoke some of this… looks like they are having fun..

Johnny Gunz says:

dude those cats are baked

DokuroEmily says:

This looks like drug trafficking

Loveing Hatred says:

Im a cat that can type only when im high.. Meow

itlive4noreson says:

smoke catnip everyday

YungxKizzy says:

Lmao these cats are high as fuck.

Sparklebuttons2012 says:

Stoners lol

SouthSideTrill says:

trippy mode engaged

Munk3yBoi says:

looks more like hes od’ing

jonanlsh says:


KreutzVids says:

oh man, that cat at the beginning… he was high as hell

munchchewy0 says:

Its fall…

MinecraftCynthia says:


Jordie M. says:

Holy shit when ever i give catnip to my cat his eyes get huge and it looks like there about to pop out of his head!!!!

Randall Stone says:

Aw fuck my backyard is apparently a feline opium den

Tobey Starburst says:

Love kitties!

braa alsbie says:

thy love ponani

LarteDresolverprobl says:


bestdudeever765 says:

i could almost get high myself by just watching…
shieet, why cats get dem drugs? :(

getthegreens808 says:

that cat is so high

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