‘Meowbook’ – Social Network For Cats

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Watch this video about ‘Meowbook’ the first social network for cats. Since dogs have parks to socialize together, I guess cats have the internet… LOL!


bengalsown777 says:

team catvertising

Biancathomp says:

the sad thing is, this would actually be really popular

RisingofHank says:

For each like this reply gets: One dollar will be sent to the ECV (End Cat Violence) cat organized non-profit organization.

cattirun says:

i’m guessing a light colored himalayan but i could be wrong

mskathy0724 says:


Chessmanexe says:

I was gonna make a pun, but i’m not feline it today…but seriously, this would be a cat-astrophe, are you guys fur real?

Harm Moolenaar says:

This better be a joke.

StylaOfficial says:

it’s a joke isn’t it? i mean… seriously…it’s a joke, right?

Gauldar says:

What breed is the 2nd one shown at 0:12?

John Scigulinsky says:

not sure if trolling or REALLY likes cats…

shubarugothewarrior says:

This is the same company that inspired Roald Dahl to write Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

paranoidsurvivor says:

Kitteh! =D

I hate being allergic…

ivannesabrina says:

is this serious?

mishamayeur says:


jlrm365 says:

Cats don’t need social networks. They have nutty humans, creating thousands of pages and sites, for them!

Olhado256 says:

You know, I don’t mind viral marketing when it’s done right. I mean, I will acknowledge the existence of your new candy bar if you show me something that’s worth watching first.

MoafukkaONE says:

2:06 Its my purr-pose.

UpsideDownLoveX says:

I found my home<3

xmentosx says:

“it’s my purrrpose”

evanbrown1111 says:


frauleinschwein says:

Finally, a match for the eHarmony cat lady

OREOZsensation says:

I completely agree.

BIoodrunk says:


sims6565 says:

oh meeow meeooww

ChristiaanVanVuuren says:


ChristiaanVanVuuren says:

Cat on cat violence is a very real threat.

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