Cute Cat Video

Watch this hilarious video of “Bella” the cat as she tries to carefully make her way down a ladder. Her friend “Kimba” unsuspectingly tries to help her down the ladder, but that didn’t go very well. With friends like these who needs enemies… luckily, even despite taking a heavy tumble Bella was not injured when she fell.

Check out this amazing cat video. This kitty definitely keeps his eye on the ball and never misses. See if you can keep your eye on the ball!?

Watch “Neko” the crazy kitty wearing his cat toy like a helmet. This orange tabby loves to put this cat toy on his head and uses it for protection when slamming into furniture. When he’s finished wearing it he just slips it off all by himself.

Watch this video giving you tips and techniques on how to film your cat. This 7-step guide will show you everything you need to know to get the best cat videos! Music is Fifth Avenue Stroll from iMovie 11.

Check out this funny step-by-step guide to introducing your new kitten to your existing cat. This 12-step program is not guaranteed and results may vary! Music is Shogun from iMovie 11.

This is one of my favorite cat songs, it will stick in your head all day! Cat, I’m a kitty cat and I dance, dance, dance and I dance, dance danceā€¦ LOL!

This is one of the funniest cat videos ever. This cat has been a real bad kitty, so he’s got a lot to pray about. This will definitely make you laugh, check it out and enjoy!

Watch this cute kitten video! These little kittens are riding on the Roomba Robot Vacuum “kitten” transportation system. It makes frequent drops to let passengers off, but they can’t seem to get back on… LOL!

Watch these adorable kittens jammin’ out! These cute kittens definitely know how to keep a beat and seem to really get into the rhythm!!

Watch this hilarious video of the cat and dog robot cleaning service! These two seem to be at odds over who is going to do all the vacuuming. I guess the cat won the battle in the end!

This dynamic duo definitely hate this evil treadmill. They’re going to get to the bottom of this mysterious creature once and for all. Watch these two investigators uncover the secrets of the evil treadmill!

Check out this hilarious video of “Pumba” the cat answering the phone. He didn’t have too much to say… I guess it was the wrong number, LOL!