Infamous Video When Cats Pray

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This is one of the funniest cat videos ever. This cat has been a real bad kitty, so he’s got a lot to pray about. This will definitely make you laugh, check it out and enjoy!


Lyric smith says:

who is good william!!!!!!!

SunsetHeartsFilms says:

Cat: Hey! What the hell are u staring at? Oops…dear god….

shy52002 says:

hay what the hell you stareing at oops dear god LOL

LOLphilosophy says:

I’m sorry for your loss.

Alyssa Lemin says:

I love this video lol

3ddyism says:

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lanna770 says:

ooooooo am so sorry. yes he will be missed.

ally knight says:

si weird

BFFLOVE4447 says:

R.I.P. Good William!! You will be missed!!

lacey andrews says:


shoylithe says:

Srry about your cat he/she was really cute and will be missed -3

emiliemilili says:

 i like this video :D

adammacia1 says:

so funny, I watched this a long time ago, but now I´ve realised the cat died of old age, poor thing.

carmenp242 says:

What the hell do those Chinese words mean?

TheCutiequeen13 says:

hey! what the hell are you staring at? oops! dear God,…..

anita reyes says:


anita reyes says:

That video is funny but I am sorry to hear about your cat.

lisa dove says:

You make the funniest video I have watched

vadeas nether says:

deer god…..

vflail2 says:

lol they way he says: bowl is soo funny/cute

Jenny Chen says:

Cat died??!

chuckzell80 says:

So Fu nny

simbapoptart says:

Cute cat

ouuuyeaa says:

i hate this fcking voices

bethanny19 says:

cats make me supah horney

dalton scott says:

r.i.p poor cat

mahmudul haque says:

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Sabbygara says:

“Hey, what the hell are you starin’ at? Oops….*face plant* Dear God…”

corsav11 says:

but tht cat down the street is HAWT!!!

NewDayVideos says:

Very imaginative!  I like it!

123luppy says:

rest is peace

Ashwini Shirke says:

Hahhahhahh the voice…

TheStanmit says:

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sasheracoma says:

hahahahaha dear god

ufajlok1 says:

epic xd

taylor norton says:

lol love this video my sister and i love the when cats prey videos sorry for your loss also

tigress356 says:

hehehahahahahahhahahahahahahhaha xDDD

Jenny Chen says:

Hey what the hell u starin at oops

sherilea1563 says:

Love it

MissZainara says:

hahahahahahahaahha the voice lol

LETacobear says:

heh heh

samantha heard says:

I loved it!!!

videokitty3 says:

@hollyrolo @ the top

SelenaGomezFever100 says:

WOW!! THAT WAS FUNNY! the dogs ass?……dear god

Angie Hammett says:

ha ha lol thats (ME)!!!!!!! :) :P

CrazyChioXD says:


Ariana25994 says:


messymonsters says:

funny cute cat

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