Talking Cat Speaks In Riddles

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This talking cat seems to be telling us something… but what? “Oh my dog, Oh Long Johnson, Oh Don Piano, why I eyes ya, all the live long day”! It’s a riddle we may never solve!?



param0re82 says:

its real? my cat cant do that

cwalla3805 says:

Faith Hilling anyone?

Mad9977 says:

LOL the rappercat =D

fishgirl899 says:


maychorian says:

It was on America’s Funniest Home Videos way back when. I saw it on there when I was a little kid. So yeah, this clip is from the show and has the studio laughter on it.

Nerdzone321 says:

I Tought My Cat How To Speak , A Few Months Later Hes Gotten Better .. Yep His First Word Was *Willy* (:

Jasmine Jowett says:

awww it’s trying to speak :)

The86Ripper says:

Thumbs up if you knew this video not from southpark but from when it came out in 2006!

Paul Wills says:

Oh, long, johnson…

(studio laughter)


dmcadik says:

Thumbs up if south park brought I here lol

cucaratsa76 says:

i wanna ask you something simple…you people dont you have problem with the hair loss of this pet?i mean my girlfriend has 2 male cats which they are now 5 kgs each..i always as i remember my life we had cats outside at the yard but never inside home,anyway these two boys are hairloss machineries everywhere im standing i see its possible somebody not to be disturbed with this situation….believe me i love animals 

crackenxx says:


Robert Lunn says:

Translation: People will die.

MrWaffles4ever says:

I’d vote him for president! :D

7Chaplay7 says:


MrSimonHutson says:

Like if you like the letter M

Jay Edem says:


Yojax says:

Came here after watching South Park

persionlamb says:

Taylor Swifting anyone?

AndersonSpiderSilva5 says:

why i eyes ya…

purpleblaze93 says:

You don’t have a life maybe….

purpleblaze93 says:

What’s the funny part? :S

itBURNSwheniPEE1 says:

i wanna party with that cat

biclopsbob says:

pretty sure its cos there is a cat in the house that it doesn’t like. our cat did that, whereas most cats hiss and growl, that is usually for closer conflicts. but yeah the fluffed up fur and the ears back usually means that there is another cat, who is either too badass to care that they are in the wrong house or too dumb to notice

ColorExplosion101 says:

This cat obviously has no concern for human safety.

cassiekaintz says:

How cute

12markius1 says:

This video is sick thanks for uploading!

12markius1 says:

It is funny and dont use swearing words that is very bad and unkind.
You will be hated by posh people if you say this kind of words.
Theres nothing wrong with the good, funny cat. Leave the uploader alone.

bateristharun says:

South Park <3

JustinT2 says:

stop liking comments that tell you to like!!

Maximumoverkill75 says:

like when you poop today

999joyboy says:

like if you think I have no friends ):

MrMikehunt87 says:

lol, this cat = legend

wonder if he knows he popular he is today

extermedog says:

like if you looked it up because of south park LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!

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