Cat Answering Service

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Check out this hilarious video of “Pumba” the cat answering the phone. He didn’t have too much to say… I guess it was the wrong number, LOL!


MsCatamaran40 says:

What most people don’t realize is that this particular feline is actually a secret agent spy on a mission to personally rid the world of telemarketers. Hello…miaow….clunk. Clever girl.

Aysha Wattellier says:

Hello?Whose there?
Euh meow it’s nobody.
Please leave a message after the bip.

Babygrl991 says:

he died though :(

MrDayo1 says:

OMG that cat is so cute and clever! i want to adopt it now!!!!

CrimsonMaxxx says:

hello? yes this is cat. no i don’t want another goddamn credit card

Mansiotey says:

800,000 people out of work and you employ a fucking cat.

Dana Ayers says:

He even put it on hold!

Alex Gajardo says:

hello, this is dog

92Jdmsupra says:

RIP Pumba.

AznJiggah says:

Oh god, look at the gears, this vid must be from the 80′s or something.

colnusca says:

*call ignored*

soulman902 says:

Office Cat is not amused by cold sale call.

MajorasFlask says:

phone cah

cayennepepper2010 says:

* Cat picks up phone*
voice on the phone says-”Hello, is this the owner of the house.” Cat says-” He sa no home, I put on hold?”
Cat-”okay I put on hold.”

E1SUNZ says:


koppellhinex says:

lol heehee what a catty cutty :D

DieBittereWahrheit says:

Meanwhile, at the Microsoft customer support

DieBittereWahrheit says:

Meanwhile, at the Microsoft customer support

insertCoin907 says:

“Hello? Yes this is cat.”

Mihaela Marian says:

just in case you don`t know, cats hate sharp noises. They won`t run away, they will make it stop

My cats hate it when I whistle for too long and they start meowing like crazy and jumping in my lap. Also I had to change my ringtone ( it sounded pretty much like the one in the video) to another one cause they would just sit on my phone as soon as I got a phone call

yorkieliam says:

If it doesn’t speak English, why is it talking to itself in English?

Jean Q says:

Poor you! Has he come back yet? I hope so…

darkaquatus says:

Mine would not only ‘answer’ it, but also throw it off the desk.
Cats can be real dicks, you know?..

rrgert4 says:

Troll lvl: 99

plasticboy81 says:

at least the cat lived a long cat life with age 19. RIP PUMBA!

sydandtaytum says:

i’m sure he will. they always do.

klapsikopatiko says:

he’s a real badass because if you notice, he first try to unplug the shit out of it.

Tukann says:

He looks exactly like our cat Simba, who ran away 4 weeks ago, wish he’d come home

redreaper2020 says:

Who was phone? Cat was phone.

FuzzyWuzzyAnipals says:

Is your cat a customer service rep for Microsoft? Pretty sure that is how they deal with calls there.

vovaiscool says:

Its sad that the cat died

breezy501 says:

Oh! I’m so sad! He lived a good long life, and he cracked me up!! Geez, he could have at least said “Hello” into the receiver. Priceless! And thank you for sharing this.

HisLilyPrincess says:


ilovemy1roo says:

I was gonna make a comment about being in the 90′s until I read the description. I’d just feel like an ass if I did now. But video was cute. I think the cat was tired of the phone ringing after clearly stating hold all my calls today. Lol.

yuzukiandminoru says:

“my job here is done”

DISnut says:

Cat: “Floxberg, Sawyer and Grumblesnootz, Attorneys at Law. How may I direct your call?”
Phone: Good Day, has the chairman of my company arrived at your firm to negotiate the new contracts for our clients? His last name is Meow.
Cat: Please wait, and I will check. (walks away from phone) Meow? Meow?!? MEOW!!!
Janitor: Oh for crying out loud, will somebody get that cat a can of tuna or something?

1989johno says:

also sorry to hear about pumba.. look like a lovely cat.

1989johno says:

even still the 80′s?

aquoslover200 says:

*Picks up phone* “Meow?”

“Um hello? I’m calling for Mr Muffins.”



“Meow meow”

*Sigh* “I need to get some sleep.”

sKAIscraper23 says:

I was hoping it would raise it and put it on it’s ears! Hahaha!

Natasha Natysha says:


Jdhawk10 says:

Cat:How do I shut that ratchet noise up?!??!? Oh nevermind I figured it out bye!!

SrPuffins says:

Cat :Oh yeah the noise its over. Now I go.

Mariela Kotipelto says:

Cat: And that’s why they fired me

Christelle Solivet says:

Oh i see I think its a scam ( at 0:30)

BandBizzle says:

um well most people cant even answer 1×1 and they think it’s 11 well if a cat can answer a phone then it’s better then you dumb asses

lifewasters says:

Hahaha, the infamous and annoying “Can you hear me now?” should have been added to the audio when he picked up the phone. If you would like that, let me know and I’ll do it for you. It would be hilarious to watch:)

Penko83 says:

The caller probably heard him purring and thought it was an old-fashioned dial tone.

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