Catatonic Kitty Cat

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This is what I would call a catatonic kitty! This funny cat is perfectly healthy and not on drugs, but appears to be catching some serious ZZZ’s!!


deepforu9 says:

Tats sweet can i have ur cat and u can have mine lol

zBeowulf says:

its garfield brother afther 3 lasagnas

Bodysmoker says:

The catnip wore off.

wendy hughes says:

mommy fluffys dead lol

MaverickAC69 says:

LMAO!! What the fuck is wrong with this cat?!

brmadman4455 says:

Omg, freaking classic hahaha.

Stas Simovski says:

That’s why you don’t grow valerian in your garden when you have a cat. They are all effin alcoholics!

prodf says:

The fuck is that !

cmb271 says:

Hangover 3 :Sleeping Pussies

pepsidude4567 says:

he either looks like Butthead from Beavis and butthead or an naruto. Ps…. i think hes dead

Victoria Giddings says:

If my cat did that I’d think she was dead!

Kim Mills says:

2 much catnip last night

Anne Cabca says:

hey kitty! where have you been last night?

gankness says:

it is 6:14am, and im fuckin laughing out loud at your comment xD

MRmoto322 says:

Chinese food brought me here..

pianoman930 says:


ronmcaboyronmcaboy says:

cat nip is a gateway drug to (special K) Ketamine and it seems this cat has a pretty good stash some were

theotterspirit says:

Ppl need to see the end of the vid that cats not dead

DISRUPT nine says:

ahhhh yes i’ve seen this before….the term for this condition is called DEAD

DantheAuthor says:

Should have baught the $1000000 kitty life insurance :/

PaleBunnyInfidel says:

He’s asleep! That’s what mom told me anyway!

Are you sure the cat isn’t having some kind of seizures? My cat has seizures and it’s common in cats, and the whole tongue hanging out, etc., that is not normal.

BlackWolfsniper0 says:

This is what catnip does to your cat derp

98Nawwaf says:

is she drunk ?????????

6318374 says:

I don’t know man meth is a hell of a drug .

AkemiHomura93 says:

LOL, looks like your cat got knocked out in a fight. XD

iHydra says:

RIP in peace cat

Faizshah Shahforg says:

my stoumach going to blow

WolfSpeaker144 says:

Never pass out when there’s markers about. >;3

JulianoRamirez says:

Go home cat. You’re drunk.

Babyenmaai123 says:

I think it’s dead.

burunnu1 says:

esse gato ae foi atropelado

girlyfairy1 says:

is he dead?
 sleepiest cat ever

Arron Somerville says:

good one

scottclements78 says:

cats dead

KellyTubes says:

Naw – he’s no drug addict. His battery ran down.

fuckelitist9 says:

hangover cat

forevor13 says:

I laughed so hard oh my gosh my stomach hurts!!! Your cat is awesome!

YoureSoCreezy says:

sorry to be the bringer of bad news but your cat OD’d.

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