Cat Keeps His Eye On The Ball

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Check out this amazing cat video. This kitty definitely keeps his eye on the ball and never misses. See if you can keep your eye on the ball!?


mag123007 says:


blurryMclovin says:

i thought it was clear that we were not doing this!

Mac Miller says:


Evelyn Li says:

Giraffe. *wink*

moonli927 says:

I didn’t pay attention to those details. I know lots of cats or dogs do not even care to try. I am just happy that he actually responded, and I am thrilled to know that he got it right. :)  Thanks for watching and commenting.

aarsethohlin says:

Thought the same, but idk if the cat’s ear is that good

shobarsch says:

Don’t wanna spoil it, but the right one makes a noise while moving

it’s awesome anyway.

ImTheNotSoHotGuy says:

1 Cat, 3 Cups

Ken Li says:

Kido is so smart :D

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