Kitten Transportation System

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Watch this cute kitten video! These little kittens are riding on the Roomba Robot Vacuum “kitten” transportation system. It makes frequent drops to let passengers off, but they can’t seem to get back on… LOL!


melodyparris says:

As I have said before…I really wish people would read these comments before actually posting their own..The kittens would constantly get on and all fall asleep til one of them hit the button on the top til it turned on. I decided to record it because everyone that I told couldn’t believe it. I loved these kittens and I have found good homes for them. Again about the comments, if you don’t like the video, why write something nasty??  None of the kittens ever got hurt

Dominus96 says:

Retarded people should not be allowed on youtube.

wicker403 says:

Spay your goddamn animal already, you hicks. Shelters are spilling over with American domestic shorthairs, it’s not like we need to breed more.

gearsdan says:

haha at 0:21 the kitten was like “WTF!

culwin says:

Animal abuse FTW!

jadedstu says:

It looks like American Gladiator for kittens.

matthe3234 says:

LMAO O:22 - 0:24

JumpTossCatch says:

Um…I’m pretty certain that they’re fine :)  They just slid off one by one…I”m sure none were hurt O_o

JumpTossCatch says:

That was adorable! It was kind of like an “And Then There Were None” deal XD

celciaM says:

I don’t see any animal cruelty here.I used to have a lot kittens in one time and they are very curious about their environment and things, specially if they are all together, probably they did it by themselves a like it an the lady is just recording a cute thing that their cats did and there is people shutting “animal cruelty”

lavelliINC says:

i dont think its mean but i think people would if they put new born baby on a vacuum like that. Some people have double standards when it comes to humans and animals.

mcjellocakes says:

I need a Roomba and kitten litter NAO

ilovedemijoe says:

lol one fell and hes liek fucka it go on with out me and then hes like get the fcuak off me at 0:16 and two fall of and do nothing

MEGAwolfy says:


moldraxian says:

0:34-0:40 is so funny

Tzadkiel111 says:

Jesus you’re a racist bastard. So judgemental and sexist.

BreakBeatPaul says:

that was ace, they wer having a competition

NotMadeByMe says:

what was that gay thing near the end

hadoke says:

They must have been playing a game. okay, the last one that stays on gets the can of tuna!

Tempacc86 says:

Apparently you’re incapable of grasping sarcasm; I’m still confused how you took me seriously even with me hinting he’s controlling kittens with his mind. I’m not really sure what else to say as that’s kind of insulting in its own right.

WubberDuckyGirl says:

oh plz that dosent hurt them at all if it hurt they would meow from being hur they are fint dont over react trust me i kno alot about animals apparently alot more than you there just fine ok next time dont over react

BB76USA says:


This was featured on the MSN homepage, too. So freakin’ cute!

They probably like it because it’s warm and vibrates.

PlatinumDestroyer says:

are you serious?

montyq says:

ha ha ha!  Awesome dude! Crackin me up.

Tempacc86 says:

This is so cruel! Look how the cats are lightly pushed an inch from where they were previously and how the ones gently roll off the Roomba without any sense of care! OH, THE PAIN THEY MUST EXPERIENCE! Look how they willingly stand in awe of the Roomba, even with the ability to leave! The man who made this video must hate animals SO MUCH he controls them with his mind into staying in the room.

formulae23 says:

is this animal cruelty or just human stupidity.

FusionNinjin says:

i think its very used to be cleaned :)

NZVargs says:

Best thing I’ve ever seen.

Grammaton485 says:

more kittens NAO!

kasneen says:

That’s cute and funny at the same time. LOL

manekimaki says:

Lmao, at first I was like ‘Oh noes’ but then you just keep laughing because they (kittens) really just don’t care.

TheShadowShowa says:


rozetat2 says:

that’s kinda mean, scaring the cats and shoving one of the cats. poor little things

Koolker2 says:


Nenyaki says:

That made my day, OMG it’s AWESOME!

whiteandfluffy701d says:

lol cool kitten transporter lol

playgrrrr says:

animal cruelty

kuramafan58 says:

Coulda gone without the half-naked kid… But otherwise very cute. I once had to write programs for those robots, for a beginner’s engineering course in school. I’m not very good at programming… My robot just sat and beeped at me…

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