The Best Of Maru 2011

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The infamous Maru the cat… in the best of Maru 2011! This is a video compilation of Maru’s best highlights from 2011, check it out and enjoy!


zitilites911 says:

Wow, Maru is SO cute! OMG >< I wish I had an awesome cat like yours, you are so lucky :3

mommagood01 says:

aww i know this might sound a little creepy maru but can i keep u DD: ? u too cute!

WerewolfOfTheWater says:

Why? So more cats get put down in gas chambers?

l337acc says:

I love this little guy. I hope he isn’t fixed so you guys can breed a few of them just like em. :)

EverlastingFriend99 says:

* I can do gymnastics, wanna see a flip? 2:07

theoxymoronicle says:


brettacus2 says:

I watch this video at least once a day and it always cheers me up!

nekokun354 says:


joshuagenesiscalayan says:

if it fits, maru sits.

Ashley Trammell says:


TheSarahHigh says:

Now, I am very lucky my cat can’t read english. Cause Maru isssss ssssooooo cute!!!

noramamacat says:

What type breed of cat is Maru? He is just absolutely adorable!! Love him..

namoroman666 says:

@efimxhm x you re right. all are saying its a fake news when they see at first time. look, even my colleagues used to make dime well weekly doing some small works and watching funny stuffs. you can also join from here :

tomboy668 says:

lovely video with relaxing song….. love it…..

drillingRod says:

Love your Maru

Gabriela Guimarães says:

Asiáticos sempre sequelando com seus animais

1129marbles says:

Yay! We love Maru!

missshoegal1989 says:


germa9090 says:

LOL even Asian cats are awesome.

TheHappylaffytaffy says:

Soooooo fun to watch.

Jevon1003 says:

i am cracking up 

jizogarden says:

Maru is the cutest cat in the world, and I say that even though I have two cats myself!

Kolozsvári Bálint says:

I Mean why you need swag when you are a cat and you can just jump in a box?

Kolozsvári Bálint says:

Maru is not fat! Maru gots SWAG!

Mimi Petitesouris says:

Maru est très mignon et joueur comme tous
les chats !

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