Funny Cat & Dog Video Montage

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Watch this hilarious cat and dog video montage. These are some of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen, check it out for yourself! Enjoy :)


suejezebel35 says:

spider cat!

aaa56989 says:

latreuo tis  gates

AirgunGearShow says:

Liked that. Ta.

xFantorangen says:

3:5o Winni the pooh!

Joshz Nemisesz says:

0:01 Cat’s also know how to parkour?

pinkslushiee says:

and check you messages.

BluePawLPS says:

3:57 shut the fuck up human, i’m medititaing.

ThePeachesBitch says:

2:25 xD Muhahahaaaa

Marvin Altwicker says:

2:41 is just beer and NOT funny…

Trund27 says:

That’s what I was thinking

Trund27 says:

I don’t the guy kicking the cat out of the way. Wrecks the compilation

elishapurcigo30 says:

Cats i loved the one where looks at u and falls asleep

isotopes atom says:

some of these videos are just animal abuse.

KomboKittenOnlineTV says:

that 3.39 cat is so obese it can’t even clean itself properly, shame on those who over feed him/her!!

Elin Andersson says:


Sun4sol says:

0.47 ….mutherfucker man for kicking cat!

little parisienne says:

Hab ich auch gedacht als ich des gesehn hab. son wixxer -.-

Gotsdagoodz says:

3:30 fata** lol

xXeXtRYmeGirlXx says:

ein HURENSOHN der die katze gekickt hat so würd ich gern mal mit dir umgehen !!!!!

4EverCrazyGirl1 says:

Ab 3:40 – 3:57
Was ist des für ein Lied, ich kenne die Melodie aber was ist der deutsche Text dazu und woher kommt das Lied (Sendung?)

Tharock15 says:

hardcore parcore cat lol

TheDogRealityZone says:

These dogs and cats are just wacky to be sure.

William Richmond says:


OnlyExit1337 says:

3:27 my mom

kleffa01 says:


gallina feliz says:

5:20 you are too dumb ! now go !

sugizzo says:

 Spidercats between us!XDD

MrDiaa12 says:

3:35 1:00 1:7 1:28 so angry 1:44 poor sad dog 2:16 2:59 3:16 bunny dance 3:23 sick cat 3:30 no comment !!? 3:47 4:17 hahahahaha 4:44 dont miss with da cats 5:06 haahaahahah 5:59.7 6:29 wooo done :D :D :D :* :)

akira vandall says:

3:27 Puss it that you? Where are your boots and sword?

akira vandall says:

1:37 Animal abuse?

richard51197 says:

there is nothing wrong with going down like that i do it like that to

Rockfreek7 says:

3:10 thats pathetic for the owners to let that dog get that fat!

zamorakianarmy says:

5:54 the cat is stoned. XD

zamorakianarmy says:


Stridsklevgruppa says:

1.25 SHIT

Babadefo says:

3:22 OMFG!

MollieMusic7 says:

OMG the second one is soooooooooooooo cute”! he just falls asleep like POOF xoxoxoxox

mb060083d says:

0:23 wtf, ninja cat


Oh Gott der Sketch ab 2:26 :D D LOL XD

rpavic3 says:

eh,what about garfield

Reza Arfa says:

here is a clue where you can find him: he lives in turkey

rassty9 says:

3:33 Wow were do i get such a fluffy balloon

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