Tour de Kitty – Bicycling Cat

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Watch this amazing video of “MJ” the cat and his owner riding around the streets of Philadelphia together on his bike. I can’t even get my cat to sit still while I’m taking him for a car ride…  so this seems pretty incredible!


Orangy13 says:

AWWW DUDE I WANT A CAT to go bike riding with!!! :) Looks like you’re totes companions. Awesome duo!

flatmotion1 says:


Jackie Bannister says:

I love this!! MJ is awesome!!! X

supercalculs says:

mort de rire !
le chat a l’air d’aimer ça !
quand même quelques questions , il tombe jamais le chat ? et les coups de griffes dans le dos ?
bon je sais je sors ^^

gilmarquis says:

I meant to say cat

gilmarquis says:

AWSUM, UR cast rocks,u can see it in his face he likes it, keep rollin

sofuran024 says:

かわいい! Cute!

Stenkish says:

I think he likes riding on your shoulders :D

reinhilde100 says:

I love this !!!

crying206 says:

So cute

THEHARU671 says:

lovely cat and tache ;)

sanfranfanad says:


mamama646464 says:

교감이 부럽다*^^*

Armando Martin says:

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stefibak says:

an helmet for him? lol

rokedetbamidbar says:

This is so cool and I love your cat!

iAMeffi says:

but where is he driving to? :D 

MrBillybonka says:

my #1 favorite now

thecomfortisnow says:

that’s a cool a cool band.nice vid.

rumple4skyn says:

I just vomited a rainbow…

ketchyawl says:

Just saw y’all’s video on Atlantic magazine’s website, this is so cool!

cousiwa09 says:

gorgeous video of your dear puddy tat and you. I keep coming back to watch it again. sweet!

CatreenaQuinn says:

Piggyback bike rides, for cats?! Puuurrrrrecious!

amyliphoto says:

get MJ a watermelon helmet!

Ezienne844 says:

How did this start? And how do you do it, do you get on your bike and MJ hops on up on his own accord?

Naike3x3 says:

That’s so cool

Nadja Grossmann says:

Dream Team :) 

phishyu says:


WildRover1964 says:

Cat’s cute, neighbourhood’s cute

TheRogni says:

Wildcat by Ratatat

bluenightfox says:

hey!!!!! where’s the cats helmet??

alexanderlinden says:

whats the song???

ConTrust says:


Fr0st0 says:

man your cat is amazing

MarcusDubious says:

Also, stop projecting your cowardice and accept that the world isn’t as dangerous as you so obviously believe. Not everything or everyone is a terrified, precious flower that needs to be wrapped in cotton wool and protected from imaginary threats..

Nursiano Sousa says:

Nice Rudi… you deserve my respect. hi5

R.D.J. Jayasekera says:

and Freddie LOVED cats!

MarcusDubious says:

Oh I am cut to the core by your infantile insults.
If returning to childhood is your only response when corrected I suggest you stay inside as life might prove a little daunting for such a fragile ego as yours so obviously is.

Faizun Naim says:

3:58 the cat kissing the,cute

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