An Engineer’s Guide to Cat Yodeling

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Check out this funny video from the same guys who brought you An Engineer’s Guide To Cats. This video teaches you cat yodeling techniques… you simply cuddle your kitty ’till they’re slightly annoyed and once your cat begins to “meow” just give them a little “shiver” and voila you have cat yodeling!


TehSingoHD says:

Sounds like he’s raping the cats.. And another thing, is that he kalled the cat GINGER, AWESOME!

ipwnyou678 says:

there so cute !!!!

TheSubsList says:

Don’t tell me that you adopted the cat only for the cat yodeling lol

ChrstinaTheArtist says:

I watched this on “Must Love Cats” on Animal planets SO CUTEEE~

Susan Ritter says:

I saw this on the “must love cats”show. I had to see the actual video! its cute and furry!!

paris inger lawrence says:

hhahahahahahhahaahhha funny

TheSubsList says:

I seen this on Animal Planet – “Must Love Cats.”

nn021902 says:


washingtonian2002 says:

well kind of the vid

washingtonian2002 says:

we also watched this in class today, one of these vids is from a teach at me school! LOL!

TheDiamondPaw says:

I see you on must love Cats!

TheMadomz says:

i love your guys vids and i saw you on the tv show must love cats and oh man if i met you in reall life i would wont your atograf

tina schweitzer says:

u guys where on u must love cats

Thecoolkidz765 says:

I am watching this on animal planet right now!!!

LyndseyQuiseng says:

im in the weird part of youtube again……….

Autumn3558 says:

Poor cats. All they need is a mountain to help Patrick to find the perfect lightbulb .

Mr44mike44 says:

The one at 0:16 screeches at the end of its yodel :P

LLS12341 says:

The cats looked very annoyed.

veca1987 says:

at 0:25 the cat is Saying “nooooo”

JeepityJ says:

Too funny!

erdvilla says:

Put some flutes on it and you get a self-powered Bagpipe XD

Sharbani Mukerjee says:

the cats are very adorable and so are the cat owners….:)

SimplyCrisis11 says:

Wicked video, your cats are adorable. 

ReesieSweets says:

@Gawarg Why would you press 3 over and over? It makes no sense!

As for the video… It makes perfect sense! Adorable! And awesome work stunt cats! ;)

Sachichigo says:

So cute!

Memoria777 says:

So this is why they use catgut for musical instrument strings :p

VideoGameMaster4893 says:

lol hilarious ima go try it

JoanOfArc88 says:

poor cats, this is torture.

rikkiXprutten9689 says:


hannaaatje says:

aww thats so cute! :D

alicecullenvampyre says:


maricarbo says:

That’s not yodeling, that’s a violin sound!

Ratti666 says:


aaronia1 says:

Check out my cute TALKING cat on my channel!
It’s the featured video on my channel, and MY CAT TALKS!!!
Sort of anyway=p
Plus, the cat is very fluffy and adorable.
If you like this video, subscribe for more funny cat videos=]!!!

corkey04 says:

0:12 LOL!! How the cat sounds after he gives it a kiss!!!

LozDD says:

So funny a big lol x

Gawarg says:

press 3 over and over again

CieloAzulEstrella says:

Lol too cute

1996fe06 says:

you pas conprendre

thekevinrodrigues says:

i’m sooooooo gonna try this on sunday!

MrRugbyman1000 says:

How do u even do that

Rosical says:

I just tried this with my cat and it really works!! :)

LaDiDa153 says:


natalee89 says:

Really? Don’t you think if the cat was scared or in pain it would try to run away. I think you needed to fulfill your daily trolling quota. TROLL! lmao go spread hate where its needed.

MrUnknownNL says:

@ 0:22 - 0:25 a starting car that don’t want to start. Ô.o

kagomegirl96 says:

that was epic, but I would be annoyed too if I were those cats XD

Wolfiewebkinz says:

I tried to do this my cat, Thomas O’ Malley. I was shaking him trying to get him to do it when my mom walked in and looked at me like I was crazy. xD I love your videos.

vonskareng says:

Hahaa! That is soo funny! HILARIOUS…;)

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