How To Make Holiday Cat Accessories

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Here is another informative video from the same guys who brought you An Engineer’s Guide To Cats. This video is a “how to” on making festive mechanized holiday cat accessories.


deborahpaley21 says:

You guys need a good agent. I see Oscars in your future.

FriscoRuns says:

I think Ginger wants you to trim her “ princess Leia sideburns“

fuchsinrot says:

you are SO FUNNAAYYY!!! i adopted 2 cats this past sunday … and i am already SO emotionally drained!!! i feel like i’ve been rolling in kitty litter! it’s too much! the hair everywhere … is a challenge … to say the least. how do you get the time to do all this silly stuff??? silly, but genius … you know what i mean :P

skippythewonderhorse says:

That is a really cute idea with the bow! Very clever!

uranchimegdrawer says:

Ginger and her lateral instabilityxD

marilen alcebar says:

hysterical! keep the videos coming. tnx

Linda Marie says:

omg these are hilarious!

itskirstybetchx says:

You have the most patient cats in the world :P

misslch2525 says:

I’m watching all your videos…again…and marvel at the patience of your kitties. I’m not an engineer, so I have to rely on you and T.J. to keep me informed..keep up the good work.

bluebanshee3 says:

your cats are unusually patient. :D

Ultramarpdfsarg1 says:

where do people get thise ideas

VoidedMirror says:

Zoey is so adorable. AHH!

iwanka86 says:

poor cats….

pokemon877yif says:

no i didnt but i agree it is

pokemon877yif says:

i did

Cheezy Banobo says:

I thought that Zoey liked being scratched on the butt, not the head

stealthpanther says:

They don’t look tormented, just bored and like they are wondering about the sanity of their humans- as most cats do.

stealthpanther says:

Terrible? That seems a bit harsh, as does calling them morons. The cats could easily hurt him and retaliate if they really wanted to. They have the typical bored face and don’t seem to care too much. I have a cat like these three- and he is very laid back and happy- even if i do bug him.

stealthpanther says:

Really? since when? How can cats walk with a harness then? Why wouldn’t they be able to?

Jacob Van mechelen says:

Oh, oh yeah I do love to motorboat

Jacob Van mechelen says:


whiskerchild says:

LOVE it.

bustacapinlutha says:

I get seizures watching

ShelfLifeTwo says:

Oh my god, do you swing dance? :D 

utoober708 says:

The monotone voice always gets me

elinorvonzahm says:

To answer divinydistant, Paul says he does have a stunt double, named George Clooney :)

spacequeen says:

“Oh, the humanity!” LMAO very clever.

TheCatLadyTails says:

you are the coolest guy to ever live.

kesha4everable says:

aww poor orange cat that fell  down

Tim Pedersen says:

everyone loves motorboating

Faloren22 says:

Very cute lol Makes you wonder what cats really think of their owners when they subject them to these types of things XD

srvinfinity says:

“blimp….OH The Humanity!” LOL! Great stuff dudes! Please Don’t Stop!

faithsharlet says:

soo funny i wanna do this with my kitty

Sharon54ify says:

I love all of your videos, and this one makes me laugh the most! Is it Ginger who flops over on the coffee table, staring deep into the camera? With one look, you can see her thinking; “I love him unconditionally, and this is what he does to me!”. Thank you !

hedonistic2008 says:

Oh the great ideas!!!! :) ))

MattTheComputerGeek says:

Dude you house is so 80′s/90′s

EarlyBirdie82 says:

Everyone loves motorboating ;)

Walter Newman says:

These cats are clearly familiar with these shenanigans. You should have put one on a cat tower and said, “Look, it’s a windmill.”

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