Cat Antics Video Collection

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Watch this cat antics video collection. This video contains some of the craziest cat antics I’ve ever witnessed, reminds us of just why we all love cats! Check it out for yourself!


Schnapata says:

No. I actually meant “Arschfickwixxdöddel”, but that’s German. I love those words in German. :3

In english it would be “Assfuckjerkidiot”… Kinda…

fReeZeCF says:

1:28 music please

Giulianosse says:

noun Slang: Vulgar .
1. a mean, despicable, or vicious person.
2. anything considered to be despicable, frustrating, etc. (used as a general expression of contempt or anger).

Schnapata says:

You motherfucking… Well, you don’t know this word.

Schnapata says:

I would do it. Better some cuts on my skin than a drown kitty.

jesusKing123 says:

come on people.. it was just a clumsy cat, it’s not animal abuse.

jesusKing123 says:

help a panicking cat which tries to escape? good luck with that buddy.

Giulianosse says:

3:04 best part

Supersaf111 says:

lol skip to 0;30

MonaHerSelf says:

So not funny because of 3:04. This is mean. And once more: Nice, that the boy in the background learns how to terrify cats.

Pudeko444 says:

Yup, that isn’t funny

crogeek says:

So damn epic compilation, it went into favorites

Auriam says:

It’s like a bully without the bully. “Why you kicking yourself? Why you kicking yourself?”

walermos says:

There you have it,Cat IS the most awesome pet you`ll ever get.-Fuck D@,@gs!

AdmireAndDeride says:

Yeah, that clip ruined the whole video for me. :( 

SickMouth says:

The WTF moment at 0:30!!! OMG can’t stop laughing.

SickMouth says:

I think the cat was trying to get ahold of the clothesline/wire above the pool, as the cat was able to get out of the pool but for some reason returned to it?

Graciegirl111000 says:

I actually thought the light saber was real…

Schnapata says:

3:08 That’s so evil! They should help the kitty, but they just laugh. Maybe, its a bit funny. But sometimes there is a point, where you have to stop the fun.

Chaos10110 says:

OMFG!!!! xD 0:49 

Guilherme Demai says:


GamerTV12022 says:

2:50 TARZAN! xD

Conrad Johnson says:

0:49 K.O. selffatality

whatshisfaceuptherd says:

actually I think its trying to get something, not trying to get out, a cat is not THAT stupid.

cristhian98100 says:

What music is 0:32 ?

TheTenkz says:


boosie1596 says:



jajajxxx says:

I like, from chile. :D

ChillerShrimpMan says:

0:43 like a boss!!! 2:56 the cutest thing you’ll see in your life!

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