Cat With A Drinking Problem

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Watch this video of the cat who has a serious drinking problem. I guess this kitty has obviously never heard of a water bowl!!


michel crowe says:

i drink like this everyday :/ whats so interesting about this??

ShadowStrikker says:

Because of the music, I’m convinced that this is the whitest video ever made.

cbiddy88 says:

So cute! But such a waste of water!

Salvador Vaz Pinto says:


Salvador Vaz Pinto says:


TheAtomicbassist says:


David Nancavil says:

jajajaja,,, I thought mine was inefficient..
Great video by the way

thatXxFRESHxXguy says:

lol the music is perfect xD

TheRealColbster says:

Lol 1:04

TheUploader1 says:

HA! So cute! Look at it, just LOOK AT IT!!! OMG!!

2312tinker says:


zathra1986 says:

k desperdicio de agua!!!!

BlauweBeerHD says:

wet pussy

zoss77 says:

What is its name?

FrostedBorat says:


PriditProductions says:

No description available. No description necessary.

ViRex47 says:

This always makes me laugh. I don’t know why…

BlueNapkinz says:


zoss77 says:

2:34 is the cat drinking with the ear?

Perri Mitchell says:

Curiosity wet the cat. :D

Joecat5252 says:


Hardc0reMango says:

You american?

Zergleman says:

People like you bring a smile to my face.

jimmysjable says:

Don’t worry, the water will be fine. It just ends up in someone elses home.

leotolkki says:

Next time replace water with FIRE… Lots of FIRE

chexmixultimate says:

Okay, so like the first 20 seconds were cute and then after that all I could think about was how much water you’re wasting. Just give the cat a damn bowl.

jas1n says:


( •_•)>⌐■-■


ymmij214 says:

it’s cause he turned the water pressure on too high, what an asshole. it’s pouring too fast for it too comfortably drink from the faucet directly.

Annie Shay says:

lol my cat does the same exact thing.

pu2to3 says:

a cute cat playing with water! :D

cyprex says:

Its not normal to drink water off your face?

Gabriel Goldman says:

That’s literally one of the greatest comments ever!

JimTrivial says:

he has a drinking problem

punishshot says:

(ಠ_ಠ) ,,,,

RJ Robin says:

you do that, *sips milk and watches robo pron with Harlet Jhonsen* hobo….

punishshot says:

I’ll send this cat after you XD

TheBrothersPlage says:

I’m crying

RJ Robin says:

oh noooes I’ s shooo scared AHHH, pls dont hunt me :c

I was jsut expressing my open honest opinion of what you are in life

RJ Robin says:

D: *goes back inside*

miracle18th says:

damn , I want that kitty !!!!!

punishshot says:

I’m part of an elite organization that hunts down retard people that can’t use grammar properly or spell, RJRobin you’ve been bumped to 1ST on my list, watch you butt-hole if you can, it will be fucked!

kittypetwarrior163 says:

bad panda! bad! *smacks your head with a newspaper*

RJ Robin says:

ur mon

RJ Robin says:

-__________-, no, jsut no, your probally like the worse comedian ever, I hate you and I hope you die.

Miragexe says:


fingersonaboard says:

inefficient drinker? or invisionary?

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