Kitten Gives The Raspberry

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This funny kitten appears to be giving us the raspberry. Apparently, this kitty still likes to suckle, but forgot he doesn’t actually have anything in his mouth… too funny!!


Melinda de los Santos says:

LOL- she probably knows what you don’t know about speech development!

phantumrose3322 says:

pedo cat lol

gownmed says:

This is so funny! My puppy does this when she sleeps but not as extreme! This is funny! And the cat doesn’t seem to mind to some of you commenters. Haven’t u ever been around an animal when something makes them uncomfortable? They don’t just sit there they leave or become aggressive.

Chris Charles says:

I cried for half of this video from pure laughter XD

Legendaryguy2002 says:

my god lol reeally craza

wannagoUSA says:

cat was like O_O wtf are you laughing at

xrhstos2121 says:

I gut people from the inside out when they do that kind of things at animals
i think they are possessing devil in their soul,and as a true human im doing the right thing.

NK95lucia says:

Me lo comoooooooo por dios jaja :3

petetheweet says:

This would get a lot more views if you called it “Licking Pussy”

petetheweet says:

Everybody knows muslims don’t exist.

TritonS65 says:

This cat is scary!! i don’t get it.. why are you laughing..

TakahashiMisaki5 says:

Your kitteh is EPIC!!!!!!!1111 XD

Sandir Leonardo says:

“I’m a Snake”…

Amanenti says:

He must get a lot of pussy.

Katybug128 says:

It’s not even cute….. It’s ADORIBLE!!!!!

BrainlessGirl123 says:

That is the most adorable cat I’ve ever seen! Ahhh! Those eyes, those eyes xD

brandon48947 says:

pussy,meet pussy now start licking

MichaeljgnR13 says:

this cat is a gurls best friend!!!!!!

EpicAppleFinale says:


mmqqkk4u says:

really that guy is saying that to someone over a video 

masamune285 says:

Man that guy is an ass who says something like that to someone over a video what a loser

AppaloosaGirl44333 says:

You know what, just shut up. I was saying the video is funny.

Kevin John says:

what else is good about the video you cunt

suzibell100 says:

That was sooooo halarious

AppaloosaGirl44333 says:

His face made the video SO much funnier!

KorysImagination says:

Best video i have ever seen on youtube sir.

mxcnprd10 says:

Pervert cat

AlucardsAngel says:

Guy: “Kitten, you are so stupid.”
Cat: “I watch you while you sleep!” *evil eyes*

Rachel Clark says:

He’s thinking: Da fuq you laughin at???

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