Cat Wake-Up Call

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“Boo” the cat has developed a system to wake up his owner, I call it the cat wake-up call. If this doesn’t scare you out of the bed in the morning, then I don’t know what will!


Livingcoma says:

This is hilarious! 


Cats sometimes smarter then us!!

MrChinooka says:


itskdemps says:

check out my channel for funny cat videos im new to youtube :)

motives88 says:

You think that’s bad? my cat actually opens the door from the bottom and lets himself in to physically wake me up X_X

herecomesdapain94 says:

1:12 mr bean ??

Fusionscope says:

He knows it makes PLENTY of noise, to wake your ass up!!

TwistedFunny says:


juriririn says:

Ahahao(^▽^)oLaugh! that’s amazing alarm♫

TheLordThunder says:

Are you telling me this is worse than WOOWOOWOOWOOWOOF! WOOF! WOOOF! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! all night long?

smashleyed10 says:

I can’t stop laughing!

GibbyRfc1690 says:


vickieeh1 says:

Awe so funny

james garfield says:

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XxMikoSamaxX says:

I’d either have to remove the door jam or remove the cat.

ChakaChe says:

all fuckin cats must die immediately :P

Sigurveig Grimsdottir says:

I am gonna steal that one :O)

snvtimer says:

Very funny!!! By the way, if you need an unusual alarm clock app, look at my video here: youtu.bePjUNINTcjLQ

themikepotter says:

OMFG that asshole !!!

Bopperkid says:

I had a cat that did this to me too and I would always go “Go away you stupid cat I hate you.” But then I would wake up and love all over him.

toboaspo says:

You know you can take those off very easily…

danisab25 says:


Jinakazoil says:

my cat hits the door knocker… :/
very annoying…

VanillaLimeCoke says:

You must have never owned a cat before.

FlamingNoob Squid says:


mosescelica17 says:

I am so glad my door stop is not on the actual door… My cat already scratches under the door…

redbaron1001 says:

This is the funniest cat in the world………..Unless it’s yours!

AiioooOfficial says:

Your cat definitely loves to be with you always. Treasure him :) See a video uploaded by which showcase celebrities posing with their pets and how much they treasure them.

toshiaqtusau says:

she def can get it in there

TheKoshkakitty says:

Your cat is precious!! Too funny!

UnicornStarShip says:

Install the door stopper on the wall.

Miranda Goldsberry says:

The cat knows you hate that sound so he keeps doing it classic cat

Crystalangles says:

you should get another kitty to keep him company

RicaOhSo says:

In My Mind, The Cat Is Laughing Everytime He Flicks It


overly attached cat

leckie411 says:

Holy Crap, I almost pissed my pants. Thats hilarious!

sapphirerocky says:

Holy hell, I would kill this cat. Another reason why I’m glad I have a dog instead!

sapphirerocky says:

Some people don’t like pet hair in their beds/don’t want the pet jumping on & off the bed all night. And it’s a freakin’ cat, the home does not belong to it, it belongs to the person who paid for it.

dar1toknow says:

Let the cat in damn it!

Ray Oww says:

can u tell me plz wht is the name of the beat?

morganslemon says:

really cool!!!

eurosalamander says:


meankittysmom says:

HAHAA! That’s hilarious. But you do know that those are supposed to mount on the wall side, right?

ladydulaney says:

Let the cat in!!! He wants to sleep with you.

GarrulousCrap says:

Yeah that’s pretty Cool Kristian! They just sent me a copy of the show! You saw that on english TV, right?

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