“Nora” Tickling The Ivories Once Again… Even Better

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Amazing!! Watch “Nora” the piano playing cat at it once again tickling the ivories! This is even better than Nora’s original video… I guess practice does make purr-fect!


kaikewhssokoewuwjw says:


iamnuttsguy says:

u are a FUCKIN’ DUMB people 

krio234 says:

Rachmaninov would be proud :)

Miguel Pacis says:

have you ever heard of keyboard cat?

Erin Barry says:

it clearly says “Nora watches the student play during a lesson” shes doing the repetitive key while the other person plays. The point of this video is to show that the cat is playing a note at the same time as the person playing and that shes doing it pretty well for a CAT

avillada77 says:

So cute! Good pianoist:-)

TheSansacica says:


TheSansacica says:

Cats like copying their owner, mine is always tapping in the computer keyboard. Cute

trainmaster125 says:

Cats are so adorable

kkpk65 says:

the cat is cut

vavitcha says:

absolutely in love! 

sillykitteh123 says:

00:38 the cat looks like if he is playing piano for the person next to him :3

XxMeredithTayxX says:

i want my cat to do that.

musiccabin says:

u have the cutest cat ever!

Justine Kim M. says:

That cat is so freakin awesome

ttommy779 says:

love at 0:14

ttommy779 says:

awww..you must be kidding right?!..

juriririn says:

It’s artistick workmanship( ´ ▽ ` )ノis that jazzy cords?

Connor Price says:

cute <3

upinmygoodies says:

Nora was a lovely cat, sad to hear of her passing. RIP Nora xx

Prettyflyforabassguy says:

2:35 she’s playing Chopsticks

sportsqueen2001 says:

where has she gone?

707cyclist says:

They need to start a show called animals got talent.

pioninkukka says:

Isn’t she lovely

Elli Byrdina says:

this is so freakin cute

slayer8244 says:


Stevefhu says:

When’s her first album come out?

memekodd says:

Maybe God et it be this way because humanity took advantage.

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