Cats Reenact Monty Python’s “The Coconut Scene”

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Watch this funny cat video from the same guys who brought you An Engineer’s Guide To Cats. This video is a reenactment of the opening coconut scene from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” except with cats!!


saritayuri says:

HAHAHA! You guys are great and Monty Pythons rule!!

esotericgal says:

Knights of “Nih”?

imagelegacy says:

Paul – Not wild about the long hair but I must say the beard is coming along very nicely. Where did you get your crown? It looks surprisingly good on top of your chain mail (i.e. grey tee-shirt). I am facebooking this video but I can’t stop laughing and it just takes too long to explain what you do to people who have not seen you yet.

imagelegacy says:

I ADORE this video. Well done one and all. Love especially the patch on Sweet William!

kimadawest says:

You all (humans and cats) just made my birthday much more enjoyable. Thank you.

Karen Schmidt says:

OMG, I’ve said it before – you guys just ain’t right! :-D That’s why we love you all so much (including all four cats!)

meowcjg says:

Loved it! Want more!

meribast says:

the cat has more intelligent facial expressions than the guy with the beard…

meribast says:

what’s with the eyepatch!?!

blaziken386 says:

“Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?”

pauldavisfan says:

This is one of the funniest cat videos I’ve ever seen! Brilliant!

madnone says:

HAHAHAHAHA marvelous.
hafta watch it now ^^

TheFatCatMovies says:

You combined two of the world’s best things:
Cats and Monty Python

TheAurthorMan17 says:

Damn I LOVE you guys! I only found you recently but there are not many DECENT cat videos on youtube and yours are ACE! Keep up the awesome vids please! :D

cdgonsalves says:

Ur cats really put up w/ a lot! I really hope they get so much special treatment for this cuz they truly deserve it!!! Whatever u do, don’t EVER remake the battle in the woods scene where he ends up limbless & calls it a draw or u’ll be taken away to the mental institution most certainly.

fliegeroh says:

“Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?”

meezerlover says:

this is great, well done and very imaginative (to say the least…lol)

nitemareglitch says:

I seriously just watched that.

mooncat1965 says:

Genius. Sheer genius. I love it!!!!

TheEvilPerl says:

fantastic bahaha!!

Spazzycat14 says:

I meow in your general direction.

MKSfan14 says:

So that cat with Oscar is Sweet William?

hirisheyes says:

TJ makes an excellent Patsy.

Cambpictures says:

i thing its funny that TJ dosent say that mutch
i never heard his voice :(

but i like ye videos ;-)

misslch2525 says:

It would be so fun to be in your world. Your creativity knows no bounds.  And you like cats–which is a real plus for me!!!!

WaterVoice0312 says:

“Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?” Lol!

<3 it!

alicefrmga says:

You’re right. What was I thinking? lol. (Sorry Paul.) :-(

covishen says:

He’s an engineer, since when do engineers care about fashion?

covishen says:

You know, with all the politics going on these days, I’m wondering if one of your cats is going to run for President again? The way things are going, I would rather vote for one of them, than our current choices.

MsGlobeTrotter15 says:

Well my life is now complete. I can go unto the fade…

lyciumchld says:

Are those pasties on the fridge??

dakotablue52 says:

So much fun, and so believably funny! More, More, great Sirs! Onward, and Upwards! Cats Forever, Boys! Three Cheers! Huzzah, Huzzah, Huzzah!

48Tamriko says:

Yes, guys…. you are having fun:) Love it:)))

XXXHanduXXX says:

2:20 he made himself coconut boobs! (8 yay

TealTiger8 says:

Well, you officially have a teenage fangirl. :D

setuzu says:

A total diabetus vid..
Funny on how coconuts can migrate to other parts of the world..LOL.

MadTherapist83 says:

*dies of cuteness*

alicefrmga says:

God almighty…. are you ever going to re decorate that tacky assed house????  Wall borders went out in the “80s…. Other than that i love you.

MrZofmui says:

Stick with the engineering aspects of cats and cat ownership. I really look forward to those more than these “skits”. Such as: “why do cats exactly put their back foot right where the front foot was while walking?” Trying to give the impression that only 1/2 cat came through? or trying to make the detectives think the butler did it? I am a faithful subscriber, don’t get me wrong.

Fontzilla says:

One of the greatest movies of all time!! Oscar deserves an… Oscar?! Golden statues for all!

nikkigschwartz says:

hilarious, tons better than the original. Lumberjack song next? or how about the cheese shop?

vylettz says:

I laughed SO hard when I saw Oscar in the fridge castle.. with a paper hat that had ear holes. I was skeptical at first. But since I actually had a good cackle, this WINS.

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