Funny Cat Song – Little Sparta “Mean Kitty”

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This is one of my favorite Kitty Song Videos, it will stick in your head for days! Hey Little Kit, Kitty… LOL!


mrspock1994 says:

wow he has good taste in tv shows GO BONES

Lux Hunsinger says:

cant stop watching this

rorikins1234 says:

Ur watching bones in the background! I love that show!

rakasfam says:

Ill snatch him up fast and before you can blink, aw man! Hes asleep in the sink! lol

cats678 says:

Lol that is funny my dogs name is spartacus

sophiahollysu says:

Lol I named my tortoise Sparta so I could be like,”THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!” :)

stinkinglamb44 says:

My cat is watching..
Kat thinks.. (What le copycat I’S LE KITTY NINJA! but my brother is doing good)

hotgirlhey says:

the cat winked at the end!

hotgirlhey says:

nice house!

gabbiwolf101 says:

has a cat… i like cats…

megan bone says:

sweet wittle kitty

gina gomez says:

my second favorite song

sophiahollysu says:

Lil’ kit-kitt-ey lil’ kit-kit-ey!!! Lol

trinbin3 says:

This is exactly what my cat does :D

sophiahollysu says:

Lol XD catchy! :D

KaneKandy98 says:

describes my kitty very well… XD. ♪

thefulktwotimes says:

You spelled “prey” wrong in the lyrics. Dumbass.

maddymat says:

this is totally my bestfriends cat BEAR … does everything just like the video

Mariah Hubbert says:

2012 and still watching this <3

sonic15423 says:


jasnelytiger says:

got this song In my head X3

gtrrtwh says:

Best song ever

deejaybluebear says:

now she has kittens

Sydney Israel says:

you look like my old babysitter,Billy,your’e nerdy, in a good way.

JoeWhiteMyStory says:

Hey Hey Hey! Awesome Kitty Kat!!! Way to Go!!!

TheMinecraft4fun says:

Meh I watched this back it 2007 :D 

TrebWales says:

I think its a joke…

maxpatterson2012 says:

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Shelbie LaVonne says:

love this soo much

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