Super Hero Cat Music Video By N2 The Talking Cat

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Watch N2 the Talking Cat in his latest “Super Hero Cat” music video. This song will stick in your head and you’ll catch yourself humming it all day! I’m a Super Hero Cat, coming to the rescue… LOL! Visit N2′s official site at


ellesse davis says:

this so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GamingCheatsy10 says:

Sylvester Would Really Like N2 The Super Cat to come to his house and blow Shelby up probibly…..

fluffycat555 says:

love it

yeressa says:

could you publish the super hero cat lyric??

VersaBC says:

it would be really cool if he had his own show

VersaBC says:

I agree

TheAwesomeLifeOfMe45 says:

Yeah he is

TheAwesomeLifeOfMe45 says:

I love the way he says cat and preppy he is sooo cute!

molgie stirgreg says:

N2 is the bes

molgie stirgreg says:


mukakruda says:

*turns off sound and watches the vid just cause the cat is so beautiful*

kittehspike says:


RandomAndRandomStill says:

This is one of my favorite N2 videos.

theslyguy07 says:

This cat is a legend. Enough said. :)

cannibalcat09 says:


cannibalcat09 says:

n2 is a superhero cat

kim bridges says:

where lol

pie land says:

N2 is the best yer!!!!!!! He should have a tv show that would be the best!!!!!

pie land says:

Best video ever my cat looks exzacly like n2

roxanntamez says:

Bad video

VersaBC says:


VersaBC says:

I agree, thumbs up!

VersaBC says:

who wouldn’t: )

VersaBC says:

thumbs up for cats are awesome

lekkki1 says:

Yeah, actually Sylvester doesn’t even hold a candle to N2 and Kona. And i like Sylvester too.

Harry Kite says:

N2 is awesome! love u N2! I love cats! cats are awesome!

Lisa Padilla says:

i love this cat

LPSKimberly says:

heh heh N2 rocks!

wajietaus says:

silvester is way better talking cat :D

Jaelin Lee says:

I have the same cat black and white hair on his chest.

VersaBC says:

cool: ) 

VersaBC says:

: )

VersaBC says:

cool, you should post a pic on N2′s FB

binweevils cat says:

funny i have a cat that looks like that

zDatWubbableDogz says:

Oh god! I’m dieing of laughter, help me N2 the Super Hero Cat!

MrNoob515 says:

what breed of cat is n2

hondahondahonda91 says:

haha i also have a black cat that i talk for him kinda like this

VersaBC says:

: )

StandTru2 says:


minicupcakes137 says:

Lmao! This made my day :D 

VersaBC says:

At least I’ve done something good with my life: )

thesheripie says:

I really needed to be cheered up so I came straight here to see N2!!! Cuz he’s def my Super Hero! Always makes life better! XOXOXOX

VersaBC says:


VersaBC says:


cecec68 says: this song

Georgi Georgiev says:

Since the beggining of the series this song is my favorite.

MrJordandurfee says:

Its not there

VersaBC says:


VersaBC says:

upload it

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