Tips & Techniques To Filming Your Cat

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Watch this video giving you tips and techniques on how to film your cat. This 7-step guide will show you everything you need to know to get the best cat videos! Music is Fifth Avenue Stroll from iMovie 11.


Riceflower01 says:

Your scream made my day xD

nameofthepen says:

Ha ha, the scream was great!

This guy somehow managed to smother his scream: /watch?v=RdWhpwAg0Tg

DevynnLeighh says:

I love seeing how happy and loved your cats are!
Restores some of my faith in humanity.

MrDommo09 says:

Sounds like Charlie Brown music (LOL)

TheFashiongirl70 says:

Awwwww there sooooooooo adorable…they grown so much..look at them here look at them now!!there so much bigger but there still adorable and play full ^_^

JohnNathanShopper says:

Seriously, what music piece is this? It’s wonderful.

I gather it’s a sample from FinalCut or something, but it really is a nice jazz piano song.

Dorothy Catalano says:

your cats are magnificant and yu ar just gettting all the sex appeal if with someone lucky partner if looking you are about to live a very lucky life of long and lasting happiness

ezio48 says:

Great advice! Cats are indeed amazing creatures and I always enjoy your videos. I have two of my own!


I love ur videos, they’re very fun and cool.

janiceholley2009 says:

Shorty. & kodi are great!!!!

Flyleaf2025 says:

0:56 best reaction ever!

Mizz Dissy says:


maximumthe1000tOON says:


Dragon Tears says:

sooooooooo cute

HarleyJuggalette says:


bitingontinfoil says:

1:04: Don’t force them to do anything - cats are amazing on their own *WIGGLE*WIGGLE*WIGGLE*WIGGLE!* LOL

chatticatt says:

Love your vids! <3 <3 <3

dearmalika says:

Your cats are so lovely, I love your videos!

lzeph says:

We have five cats living with us — the oldest is 18 years old. It’s not like I don’t get enough of cats, you know? Still… was watching the latest Maru installment, and someone in the comments mentioned this channel. Watched this first vid, and immediately subscribed. Power to cat lovers and feed good videos!

jamieworldhero says:

Watched 3 videos of these 2 now I’m laughing so hard that I’m crying too

thizzle7xu says:

What is the music used?

lestki says:

luv you guys. can watch your videos over and over. Always make me smile.

eyin90 says:

whoops… 1:28

eyin90 says:

1:31 I still hate your shirt

SuperServal says:

Oh trust me my boyfriend would have done the same thing if that happened to him…. There is NO shame in it :)

MissAsiian says:

so cute!

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