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Check out this hilarious kitty! This stressed out kitty knows just how to unwind after a long hard day. He gets in his recliner with his massager and blanket and makes a little down time.

Check out this video of ”Dennis” the cat thief who likes to steal items and take them back home. This brings a whole new meaning to the term “Cat Burglar”… LOL!

Listen to Jupiter, the talking cat, answer some of the many questions you may have about cats and their many secrets. Watch and see… I think the answers may surprise you!!

Watch N2 the Talking Cat in his much anticipated “Preppy Cat” music video. Check it out… as he shows us his dance moves in this funny cat video! Visit N2′s official site at

“Boo” the cat has developed a system to wake up his owner, I call it the cat wake-up call. If this doesn’t scare you out of the bed in the morning, then I don’t know what will!

Jupiter the talking cat lets his owner know just how he feels. I wish my cats could talk… on second thought maybe that wouldn’t be such a good idea after all!!

Check out this hilarious video of the hairless cat who obviously wants some hair of his own. Watch as this kitty rubs all over this guys hair and loves it… this is too funny!

Watch this hilarious video of the cat and dog robot cleaning service! These two seem to be at odds over who is going to do all the vacuuming. I guess the cat won the battle in the end!

Watch this hilarious video of two cats running on a treadmill! These kitties know what it’s like to break a sweat, wish I could be this motivated, LOL!!

This video explains how catnip affects cats. The herb in catnip is called nepetalactone, a special type of essential oil found on the leaves and stem. If sniffed by your cat, then several things can happen… watch the video to find out!

Watch “Neko” the crazy kitty wearing his cat toy like a helmet. This orange tabby loves to put this cat toy on his head and uses it for protection when slamming into furniture. When he’s finished wearing it he just slips it off all by himself.

Check out this amazing cat vs. dog video! It’s going to be a stiff competition, because both of these contestants perform some incredible tricks. Watch and see who you’d vote for as the winner! Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod for the music,