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Watch this cat antics video collection. This video contains some of the craziest cat antics I’ve ever witnessed, reminds us of just why we all love cats! Check it out for yourself!

Here is another informative video from the same guys who brought you An Engineer’s Guide To Cats. This video is a “how to” on making festive mechanized holiday cat accessories.

Check out this funny video from the same guys who brought you An Engineer’s Guide To Cats. This video teaches you cat yodeling techniques… you simply cuddle your kitty ’till they’re slightly annoyed and once your cat begins to “meow” just give them a little “shiver” and voila you have cat yodeling!

Watch this hilarious cat and dog video montage. These are some of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen, check it out for yourself! Enjoy :)

Check out this funny step-by-step guide to introducing your new kitten to your existing cat. This 12-step program is not guaranteed and results may vary! Music is Shogun from iMovie 11.

Watch this video of the cat who has a serious drinking problem. I guess this kitty has obviously never heard of a water bowl!!

Amazing boxing match between this Shepherd and Siamese cat. Watch to see who’ll win in this final mismatched weight class round… LOL!!

Yes… even kitties love yoga! Check out this cute video of “Shorty” the cat demonstrating his yoga routine in this instructional video. Music is a sound clip called Sanskrit bundled with the iMovie program.

Watch this video giving you tips and techniques on how to film your cat. This 7-step guide will show you everything you need to know to get the best cat videos! Music is Fifth Avenue Stroll from iMovie 11.

The greatest cat videos of 2012 contains some of the funniest video footage of cats I’ve ever seen! This will definitely give you a good laugh, check it out and enjoy!

We all love Maru the cat and in this funny video he seems to love his favorite toy a little too much. Watch as Maru defends his favorite toy from encroaching hands!

This is what I would call a catatonic kitty! This funny cat is perfectly healthy and not on drugs, but appears to be catching some serious ZZZ’s!!