Funny Cat Video

Watch “Neko” the crazy kitty wearing his cat toy like a helmet. This orange tabby loves to put this cat toy on his head and uses it for protection when slamming into furniture. When he’s finished wearing it he just slips it off all by himself.

Check out this hilarious video of the hairless cat who obviously wants some hair of his own. Watch as this kitty rubs all over this guys hair and loves it… this is too funny!

The infamous Maru the cat… in the best of Maru 2011! This is a video compilation of Maru’s best highlights from 2011, check it out and enjoy!

We love Maru the cat… and this video compilation reminds us just why we do! This is some of the best Maru videos of 2010, watch and enjoy!

Watch this video about ‘Meowbook’ the first social network for cats. Since dogs have parks to socialize together, I guess cats have the internet… LOL!

Watch as “Kodi” the kitten teaches you how leash train your human. In this 7-step guide he shows you how to keep your human healthy and happy. Music is Peach Cobber from iMovie 11.

This is one of my favorite cat songs, it will stick in your head all day! Cat, I’m a kitty cat and I dance, dance, dance and I dance, dance dance… LOL!

This is one of the funniest cat videos ever. This cat has been a real bad kitty, so he’s got a lot to pray about. This will definitely make you laugh, check it out and enjoy!

This funny kitten appears to be giving us the raspberry. Apparently, this kitty still likes to suckle, but forgot he doesn’t actually have anything in his mouth… too funny!!

Check out this hilarious kitty! This stressed out kitty knows just how to unwind after a long hard day. He gets in his recliner with his massager and blanket and makes a little down time.

This is one of my favorite funny cat videos. This copier cat technician is having a seriously bad day. Watch this video and enjoy a good laugh!

Check out this funny video from the same guys who brought you An Engineer’s Guide To Cats. This video teaches you cat yodeling techniques… you simply cuddle your kitty ’till they’re slightly annoyed and once your cat begins to “meow” just give them a little “shiver” and voila you have cat yodeling!